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Since 2019, the uncertainty factors of the domestic banking business environment have increased, and the challenges have become more and more severe. On the one hand, the new crown epidemic is rampant, macroeconomic downturn, Global trade frictions and multilateral trade policy changes have exacerbated the external uncertainty, the leverage ratio of the real economy has increased, corporate debt risk and credit risk have increased, and banks are in an increasingly difficult situation. On the other hand, the supervision focuses on rectifying the disorder of banking operation, new rules on risk classification, evaluation methods for systemically important banks are introduced, and the macro Prudential evaluation system is further improved, which puts forward higher requirements for bank credit risk management. At the same time, under the background of reform, the one-year LPR interest rate has stepped down from 4.25% in August 2019 to 3.85% in December 2020, resulting in the narrowing of bank interest margin and the increase of asset side pressure.

Looking back to 2020, the new crown epidemic has seriously hit the global economy, trade and consumption, and the small and medium-sized enterprises are generally difficult to operate, resulting in performance deterioration, capital chain rupture and other problems; the sharp decline of international trade, the complex global epidemic situation and bad economic situation have brought significant impact on the banking industry. In the post epidemic era, the gradual recovery of the domestic macro-economy has led to the restoration of banking fundamentals, the policy has guided financial institutions to make profits to the real economy, the banking industry has generally increased capital investment and reduced loan costs, and the asset quality and profitability of banks are further under pressure. It can be predicted that the residual credit risk will be gradually exposed, which will have a greater impact on banks. At the same time, the tightening of Internet financial supervision also highlights the value of digital transformation of traditional financial institutions, and the leading financial institutions in digital aspect are expected to seize a larger market. Under the influence of the epidemic situation, national policy support and cross industry / horizontal competition, full speed digital promotion has become an important development direction of many financial institutions.

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