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The new epidemic situation has a profound impact on the tourism hotel industry, which will accelerate the chain and branding of the hotel industry

The outbreak of Xinguan has a double impact on the hotel industry from the demand side and the supply side. The epidemic situation has caused the hotel industry to be sluggish in the demand side, and further affects the supply side. As a result, some enterprises are forced to suspend business and the hotel industry is in a difficult time.

There is always a turning point in the crisis. Small and low-end Hotels with insufficient capital chain will be closed down. This will bring opportunities for reshuffle and adjustment of the industry, so as to concentrate resources on high-quality brand enterprises, and provide an opportunity for the whole industry to upgrade products and services iteratively. How to develop products more in line with consumer demand and maintain and improve service is an internal skill that can be cultivated during the epidemic period. Compared with the isolated situation of individual hotels, the impact of large chain hotels is relatively smaller, and the subsequent recovery is expected to be faster. After the outbreak, it is expected to realize the trend of more single hotels to join, and the epidemic will accelerate the chain and branding of hotel industry.

The sudden epidemic is changing Chinese people’s perception of health and upgrading their basic living habits, including the consumption habits of eating, living, traveling, shopping and entertainment. In the long run, the fundamentals of China’s hotel and tourism industry are good. This trend will not change because of the epidemic situation. I believe that after the end of the epidemic, the tourism and hotel industry will gradually recover and stabilize.

The middle end hotel market is still growing rapidly, which is the backbone of China’s hotel market

China’s huge middle class group and the proportion of the middle class have increased, consumption upgrading and high-end transfer have promoted the growth of demand for middle end hotels, and the resources of head chain hotel group tend to upgrade the market of Express Hotels. As a result, the middle end hotel market still maintains a high-speed development trend, with a growth rate of more than 50% for two consecutive years.

The hotel market in the United States and Europe is olive shaped, and the proportion of high-end, middle end and budget hotel brands is about 2:5:3. In the long run, China’s chain hotels are still facing development opportunities, especially in the middle end hotel market. As of January 1, 2020, the number of medium grade (three-star) rooms in China is about 2.81 million, accounting for only 16%.

The operation and growth momentum of the main brands in the middle end hotel market are good. The leading effect of the head brands of the middle end hotels represented by Vienna is still the same, and the development trend is still rapid, firmly occupying the first camp of middle end hotel brands. The vast local consumer market has created the first miracle of China’s economic development with a single middle end hotel brand breaking through 1000 stores.

Economic hotel market growth is slow, facing industry bottlenecks, but there are still development opportunities in some markets

The competition of economy hotel market is intensifying, the comprehensive cost of labor rent and energy consumption continues to rise, the aging of products, the change of customers’ consumption demand, the influence of new crown epidemic situation and so on. As a result, the market of economy hotel is becoming more and more saturated and facing the turning point of development. The era of overall dividend of the industry will never return. Local market opportunities are chain opportunities of 15-69 rooms in first and second tier cities, and market opportunities of channel sinking in third and fourth tier cities.

In the first and second tier cities, the golden age of high-speed development of economic hotels has passed, and the chain market is nearly saturated. However, a large number of small-scale Hotels with a single store size of about 15-69 rooms (there are 264000 hotels in China). The chain rate is low and there is still room for development.

In the third and fourth tier cities, there are 223000 hotels in China. The market of economy hotels is just needed. The pattern of market competition is just beginning. There is still a large space for growth in the next few years. Market channel sinking, seize the opportunity of hotel brand industry upgrading in the process of China’s urbanization, is also an effective way for economic chain hotels to get rid of the sluggish growth.

With the advent of the digital economy era, through the transformation of the digital enabling hotel industry, we can cope with the uncertain environment

Affected by the epidemic, the hotel suddenly changed from “helping people to pursue a better life style” to caring about its own “way of living”. After the epidemic, the only thing that can be determined is the more uncertain business environment. With the digital transformation of the hotel industry, it is particularly urgent and important to empower the hotel industry through digital technology. Through digital technology, we can enhance the efficiency of the staff’s office work, and achieve personalized services for thousands of people according to the diversification of customer needs.

Find the problem with data, solve the problem by algorithm, and predict the problem with computational power. Through the intelligent sales to grasp the market effect, the intelligent operation can see the time effect, the intelligent personnel shows the human effect, and the digital finance focuses on the financial efficiency. We should firmly adhere to the goal of digitalization, drive management empowerment by digital culture, build an agile platform organization, deposit data assets in the business, have altruistic thinking and empower ecological partners.

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