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Brandz has released a new report, “top 75 global retail brands.”. The strong become stronger, especially in the case of a coronavirus pandemic. Amazon once again became the most valuable retail brand in the world, followed by Alibaba and McDonald’s.

The ranking combines an analysis of retailers’ financial performance and a survey of about 4 million consumers in more than 51 markets around the world.

The highlights of this year’s retail rankings include the following:

The strong are stronger: the top 10 brands have surpassed other brands in the industry, with an average increase of 16.4% in brand value. Amazon’s growth makes it 27% of the total value of the top 75 retail industry. The strong performance of other top 10 brands, such as Alibaba, shows that powerful brands can do more than just scrape by, they can redefine what is possible.

Industry leaders continue to dominate: McDonald’s (third place, worth $129.3 billion) is now the world’s most valuable fast food brand. Louis Vuitton is the most valuable luxury brand. Nike (No. 6, US $50 billion) is a leader in the apparel category with strong sales driven by e-commerce, product customization and collaboration.

The fastest growing category is mainly pure retail, and the score of digital local brands is very high. Amazon, and Alibaba rose 32%, 24% and 16% respectively, but physical retail veterans also showed their ability to adapt to a pure online environment. Costco (11th, US $28.7 billion) increased by 35%, target (23rd, US $10.6 billion) increased by 27%, Wal Mart (8th, US $45.8 billion) increased by 24%, and Sam’s Club (36th, US $6.8 billion) increased by 19%.

Five new entrants: three Japanese brands entered this year’s list for the first time, namely zozozotown (52nd, US $4.5 billion), AEON (64th, US $2.9 billion), and Family Mart (75th, US $2.4 billion). The other two new brands are pinduoduo (26th, US $9.4 billion) and Bunnings from Australia (69th, US $2.7 billion).

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