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Top issues report of medical industry in 2021 From PWC

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PricewaterhouseCoopers released a new report “the top issues of the medical industry in 2021”, which discusses how the medical industry will face the uncertainty in 2021. Medical institutions are facing great challenges in coping with the mental health crisis in the United States. 32% of American consumers have experienced anxiety or depression caused by the new crown pandemic.

The scale of virtual health industry is expanding

Medical executives are most likely to list mental health and psychiatry (58%), family medicine (56%), obstetrics and gynecology (46%) and pediatrics (44%) as the virtual medical professions they will provide in 2021.

Clinical trials are changing

Pharmaceutical and life sciences executives expect the four treatment areas of virtual trials in 2021 to be cancer (44%), infectious diseases (37%), Immunology (28%) and women’s health (26%).

Through the risk-based and data-driven method, the infrastructure construction is simplified, and the dependence on source file verification is reduced.

The digital relationship of reducing the burden of doctors

Almost all executives of medical institutions (94%), life sciences executives (92%) and health program executives (91%) who participated in the survey said that improving the clinician experience in 2021 was their top priority.

73% of healthcare executives said their organization is committed to improving the work of clinicians through automated management.

Health care forecast in 2021

74% of health managers said they would invest more in predictive models in 2021. 73% of healthcare executives are starting or planning to work with other healthcare providers and payers.

The influx of capital

Most states require health insurance companies to maintain an average risk capital ratio of at least 200%. PwC analysis found that in the second quarter of 2020, nearly a quarter of health insurance companies’ RBC ratio reached 800% or higher, showing a strong capital position.

Build flexible and agile supply chain

In the United States, 13% of drugs come from China, and 83% of drugs are imported; 39% of medical devices in the United States are provided by China. India’s lower labor costs, coupled with a lack of environmental regulations and raw material restrictions, have helped American and European companies reduce costs by 30% to 40%. India is the world’s largest supplier of generic drugs, and 80% of the API of Indian companies is supplied by China.

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