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Tourism “night” vitality, new power of consumption. Night tourism, so that the development of tourism resources is not only the expansion of space, but also give full play to the tension of time. Night economy led by cultural tourism has become a breakthrough to highlight cultural vitality and build a new consumption growth pole in the new economic development pattern.

What is the group of night tour in China, where is the development space of night tour, and how does culture penetrate into the experience of night tour? Recently, horse beehive tourism released “insight into the trend of tourism nightlife”. Through the platform data, based on the big data of horse beehive tourism and the survey of night tourism consumption for Chinese tourists, this paper makes an in-depth study on the development trend and potential of night tourism market.

The report points out that young tourists are more willing to spend at night. Health and safety, convenient transportation and comfortable experience become the main influencing factors of night tourism consumption decision-making. At present, the night tourism products on the market can not meet the increasing needs of tourists. Tourists are looking forward to more night tourism experience with rich cultural connotation. There is still a huge space for the development of the night tourism market.

Middle and high income young people like night travel most

According to the big data of horse beehive tourism, young people have the highest participation in the night tour, and 72.78% of the post-95 tourists say that they will specially plan the night tour during the tour. 63.54% and 60.12% of the post-90s and post-00s went all the way to experience nightlife respectively. On the platform of hornet’s nest, strategies such as “night tour of Hutong”, “night tour of West Lake” and “night tour of Pearl River” have always been popular among young tourists, with high attention.

“Young tourists tend to have a richer nightlife and are willing to experience cultural performances, festivals and other activities.” Feng Rao, the director of the tourism research center of Ma beehive, said that the younger customer group structure is giving new vitality to the development of night economy.

From the perspective of income structure, young urban white-collar workers with a monthly income of about 15000 yuan are more willing to travel at night. Among them, 96.46% of the tourists will put the night tour into the travel plan.

More than half of the tourists with an income of about 20000 yuan will plan their night travel experience in advance.

These high-income groups generally have higher requirements for travel quality and cultural connotation. Their emphasis on night travel experience also represents that the night travel market has huge consumption potential and development space.

Night travel consumers are most concerned about safety and most like food

In the post epidemic era, when thinking about “what to play tonight”, the first factor for tourists is safety. On the one hand, in the epidemic situation, from “not going out” to “dare to go out”, safety must be the premise. On the other hand, compared with the day, the safety factors of night tourism are more complex and need to be taken seriously. In addition, convenient transportation and comfort are also important reference factors in the process of people’s consumption decision-making.

Of course, for the Chinese tourists who live on food, the night tour without supper is bleak. Beijing’s street, Shanghai’s Town God’s Temple, Chongqing’s delicious street, Changsha’s slope street…… Almost every tourist destination has a snack street which symbolizes the taste of the city. These places are not only the first choice for tourists, but also the gathering place for local people’s nightlife.

In addition, tourists prefer to take a cruise ship or board high-rise buildings to enjoy the night view of the city. Local consumers prefer to go to bars in the evening, watch performances or buy as much as they like.

When people need to obtain the content and information related to the night tour, 82.35% of the tourists will refer to the recommendation of their friends when they choose the night tour experience. The “strong relationship” of friends makes people feel more reliable. At the same time, more than half of the tourists will choose to check the travel notes and Strategies of the professional tourism platform of hornet’s nest as an important reference for choosing night tourism consumption projects.

Cultural and tourism scenes are deeply integrated, and the richness still has room for development

Ancient streets and ancient cities with a strong historical and cultural atmosphere are the most popular night tourist attractions. According to the big data of horse beehive tourism, this kind of scenic spot accounts for half of the 20 most popular night spots. Among them, Chengdu Jinli and Lijiang ancient city ranked first and third respectively. In addition, many modern scenic spots with historical and cultural themes, such as Tang Furong garden and Hangzhou Songcheng, are also concerned by night tourists.

In terms of night games, River night games and theme park night shows are the favorite night games for young tourists. The folk scenery of Wuzhen and Qianhu Miao village, as well as the urban night scenery of Chongqing, Shanghai and other cities, are all listed as the 20 most popular night tours on the hornet’s nest platform. Shanghai Disneyland, Shenzhen Window of the world, Tianjin Happy Valley and other well-known theme parks are also on the list.

In the report, the hornet’s nest also reminds tourists that they still need to pay attention to the changes of the epidemic situation in winter, adjust the itinerary planning in time, and choose destinations and scenic spots in low-risk areas.

At the present stage, the increasingly rich night tourism projects and products still can not meet the night consumption demand of Chinese tourists. The report points out that 56.08% of the tourists say that the richness of the current night tourism projects is average. In the future, there is still much room for the development of night tourism in terms of project richness and experience comfort.

Dai bin, President of China Academy of tourism research, also mentioned in his public speech that night economy can not only satisfy with the big scenes during major activities, nor can it just satisfy with the cultivation of a few net red punch card places, but needs to persevere in creating high-quality living scenes for urban and rural residents. It is hoped that in the future, traditional plays, literary and artistic creation, art exhibitions and academic lectures can become the cultural coordinates of the city, and attract the extensive participation of citizens and tourists when the night comes.

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