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In recent years, FMCG channels have experienced many rounds of baptism, such as “new retail”, “unmanned shelf”, “smart retail” and “community group buying”. Although there are waves and bubbles, there is no denying that change is taking place. This change is not a single factor, but a mixture of digital, consumption upgrading, channel intensive cultivation and other trends.

What is the impact of the “new crown” epidemic on the channels? This report focuses on the retail stores with the largest number, the most scattered and the largest channel share in the country, deeply studies the changes of this group before and after the epidemic, and is committed to providing beneficial thinking on the post epidemic development strategies for FMCG Brand enterprises from the most professional perspective, so as to open the “channel black box”.

*The “retail shop” in this report mainly refers to the retail format of FMCG such as snack bar, supermarket and grocery store

Recovery of retail stores after the epidemic

Impact on retail stores during the epidemic

Retail shop is an important part of the social material flow system. During the epidemic period, they made great contributions to social and economic development, and also suffered the impact of the epidemic.

The recovery of retail stores after the epidemic & the recovery of retail stores in different regions

With the epidemic coming to an end, 93.3% of the small retail stores participating in the survey have resumed normal business.

The impact of purchase methods and sales categories on the recovery of small retail stores

The diversification of purchase channels is conducive to the dispersion of risks; “fresh and cooked food with goods” is the main means for convenience stores such as convenience bee, Rosen and good neighbor to explore the market and attract passenger flow, and small retail stores are also going out of the epidemic haze in this way.

Compared with the business recovery in the same period last year: the haze is still in the air

49.4% of small retail stores said that their operation was not as good as that of the same period last year; the city and surrounding areas had a great impact on the recovery of small retail stores.

Shopkeeper’s expectation for the second half of the year: not optimistic about the future

The vast majority of small shop owners are not optimistic about the business situation in the second half of the year, and the small shops in the third tier cities and business districts expect better in the future.

There are many difficulties for small retail stores to return to work, so they try to develop new business to survive

Unstable passenger flow and overdue goods have become the biggest challenges in the process of returning to work. In order to alleviate the impact of the epidemic, some small retail stores began to expand new derivative business.

Develop a new way of selling goods in order to boost the turnover in the store

In order to overcome the difficulties of the epidemic and increase the turnover, 45.6% of the small stores added new ways of selling goods, which also promoted the recovery of the turnover of small retail stores.

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