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Trend of new consumer brands in 2021 From Wechat easy

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In 2021, social media promotes the reconstruction of consumption relationship.

Social celebrities bring diversified consumption patterns and scenes, with more consumption chains and higher conversion efficiency, which has become an important driving force of new economic growth. In the trillion yuan consumer market, breaking and restructuring, involution and growth coexist, and the new trend and growth opportunities in 2021 are closely linked with new consumption.

At the 2021 wechat we media wind direction conference, Xu Yang, CEO of wechat, for the first time, shared the trend and wind direction changes of new consumer brands in 2021 from the perspectives of social media / red man change, new consumption development and industrial chain innovation, combined with the industry changes and transaction data in this year

This is the fifth wind direction conference of Weibo e-commerce. In the past few years, Weibo e-commerce has spent about 7 billion on we media track. Through continuous combat observation and transaction data review, we can more clearly observe today and tomorrow of the industry.

The purpose of the wind direction conference is to regularly invite industry experts, capital leaders, brands, platforms, we media and other friends to come together every year to discuss where the economy is going, where the social media industry is going, and where we media marketing is looking forward to. This original intention has not changed.

Today, I will share with you my judgment on the direction of the industry in 2021.

In the past 2020, 2000 + new consumer brands have risen rapidly, and at least 300 new consumer brands have obtained financing, including 200 + new consumer brands with a flow of more than 100 million and 30 + new consumer brands with a financing of more than 100 million.

New consumption is undoubtedly an important direction for the development of China’s consumer industry in the future. Whether it is brand or we media, to miss the new consumption wave is to miss the opportunity of the times.

We have studied 800 cases of the rise of new consumption. Through data research and analysis, we find that from the perspective of category proportion, 21% are food and beverage, 19% are beauty personal care brands, and 19% are household appliance brands. From the perspective of estimated amount of popular people, beauty personal care accounts for 48% and food and beverage 38%. On the whole, the food and beverage industry is the most crowded, and the beauty brand has more money.

New consumption has a huge system structure. From these data studies, we analyze the trend of new consumption from five perspectives: consumer subject, category track, product concept, marketing strategy and contact channel.

New consumption trend (1) “crowd trend”: the new middle class, generation Z, and young people in small towns take the flower road together.

Generation Z, with 320 million people, is the richest generation, the generation with the largest population in the world, and the most isolated and not lonely generation. Their labels are social media, patriotism, star chasing, focusing on cultural core, and the most open-minded;

The middle class includes working men who spend heavily on tourism, cars and luxury goods, as well as new parents of post-90s who take care of milk powder and fashion life, as well as new elite women, who advocate high-quality life, love takeout, and adore popular online money;

Young people in small towns are active in the third and fourth tier cities and have huge online consumption potential. In the age of decentralization, they are the beneficiaries of information equality and the representatives of spiritual groups. Compared with the first generation of young people in small towns, their vision is broader.

The large population base, strong consumption ability and great consumption potential make the new middle class, generation Z and small town youth the core factors to promote new consumption.

New consumption trend (2) “racetrack wind”: demand is segmented, occupying categories.

800 we focus on + New consumer brands are in the four quadrants of brand and category

For example, Li Ning, whose brand is mature and category is mature, has achieved new calling through the transformation of youth;

For another example, Afu and Huili achieve innovation by extending the subdivision products in the track with mature brands and new categories;

There are also similar huaxizi and perfect diary, which are a combination of cutting-edge brands and mature categories;

For example, smell library is the embodiment of innovation in the field of new brands and new categories.

In my opinion, expanding the category track, excavating the invisible demand of consumers, and creating new subdivided categories from scratch are important growth ways for the outbreak of new and cutting-edge brands in the future.

New consumption trend (3) “product trend”: the function is small, the social communication is big.

Different age groups have great differences. In the same aesthetic, quality and self-expression, users will establish equivalent communication more loyal to product culture. In the decentralized information environment, the products that can be remembered must have the value of “social currency”.

For example, the post-90s play blind box, which is not only to catch up with new trends and trends, but also because they love to let people in the “circle” get together; the post-90s play shoes, “you can move my people, but don’t dirty my shoes”

Social currency determines whether we are knowledgeable or not, which is an information logic of equivalent communication. Only people with aesthetic equivalence can play in the same scene. They have beauty and taste, show self connotation and express self personality.

New consumption trend (4) “marketing trend”: red people make efforts to break the circle and enhance the delivered value of users.

Red man is not only a loudspeaker, but also a “super shelf” in the new consumption era. Through the joint action of different channels and different media, it constructs a very large information contact network. From touch to touch, let the product continue to break the circle and enter the user’s mind.

Most of the new consumer brands first built in B tiktok and Xiao Hong, and then extended in the little red book, and then expanded through micro-blog, WeChat and jitter, and finally through video frequency ring, this is a very complete red man put in the industrial chain.

New consumption trend (5) “channel wind direction”: content and stores cross boundary, DTC becomes the new standard of brand.

DTC uses social media to reach more users, returns to the private domain through physical stores and fission, and becomes a private asset of the brand, so as to build a stronger brand power. Now the emergence of many digital platforms has balanced the relationship between good products and good stores. This set of models will become the new standard configuration of the brand in the future.

A brief analysis of the new consumer brand development syllogism, the initial market research, product positioning and marketing plan, the sales of red people with goods to about one million, there will be angel investment of 2 million to 10 million. Then, according to the investment experience, we can rapidly increase the sales volume to about 5 million to 10 million. There will be a second wave of investors, and we will start to launch brands at this time. Valuations range from zero to $20 million to $100 million. At this stage, 100% of the channels of most brands in the whole industry chain are in social media, and only in the final stage can they be widely used.

Five directions of new consumption are summarized: Aiming at new consumers; subdividing the demand of new track to occupy categories; small product function but big social communication; social marketing to enhance delivered value; DTC to become the new standard of brand.

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