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Trends and changes in 2021 From Future 100

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Wunderman Thompson intelligence released “trends and changes in the next 100: 2021”, which analyzes the snapshot of 2021 and the most eye-catching trends.

Cautious optimism will lead to new steps in 2021 as the world rethinks the challenges of 2020 and enters a year of hopeful economic rebound and social recovery. Great changes have begun. Britain withdrew from the European Union, the Biden Harris government took over, and a variety of promising covid-19 vaccines were launched around the world, which made people enter the post pandemic era.

The report lists 100 emerging trends across 10 areas, covering health, culture, travel, and a new section. The report also includes some major forecasts from industry experts. Key points include:

Culture: a new field of games. Games are no longer just for playing games. Traditional game places are turning into cultural centers. People can gather in communities, entertainment places and business places virtually.

Technology and Innovation: Data sustainability. Conversations about climate change tend to focus only on material waste, but the impact of increased data use on the environment deserves more attention.

Travel and Hospitality: isolationist travel. Tourism destinations that offer nature, adventure and solitude are becoming more and more popular.

Brand and marketing: build brand together. The new leadership puts the brand out of competition and cooperates to meet social and environmental challenges.

Diet: Ghost kitchen. “In the same way, third party delivery has redefined the catering industry in the past five years,” said Michael Schaefer, global head of beverage and food services research at Euromonitor International. Over the next five years, the next phase of this evolution will be ghost kitchens and other forms of distributed production. “

Beauty: cross beauty. Politicized consumers, black life problems and cross feminist movement highlight the lack of representativeness, and openly call on beauty brands to change their strategies.

Retail: live trading. Retail entertainment is shifting to online, providing attractive and customized shopping experience for digital priority consumers.

Job: Micro entrepreneur. Budding entrepreneurs are creatively launching new businesses and economic models.

Health: immune health. Health products are expanding to include more immune enhancing ingredients to help consumers who want to enhance their ability to defend against viruses.

Finance: Fair banking. The rise of new banks has solved the often neglected needs of minority groups. These new banks operate exclusively on the Internet and have no physical branches.

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