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Most users choose to unsubscribe from the cable TV service because of the subscription cost, and say they will not subscribe again

About 50% of the respondents who have unsubscribed or are planning to unsubscribe from the cable TV service said that the high subscription fee is the main reason for them to unsubscribe from the service; 48% of the respondents thought that the fees they paid could not get the service of corresponding value. In addition, the majority of subscribers who have unsubscribed from the cable TV service said that they would not subscribe again, with the proportion as high as 79%. For marketers, it also means they have to rethink how to retain existing consumers and how to attract new audiences.

Consumers prefer to watch live sports events on smart big screen

According to the data of Cuiyi platform, 21% of the audience will share Hulu, sling TV Other 18% of the audience watched the live broadcast of sports events through youtube and other platforms. Live broadcast of major sports events has always been an important pillar of traditional cable TV ratings, but during the epidemic in 2020 and the U.S. presidential election, the ratings of the program dropped significantly. This trend shows that these events in 2020 are likely to completely change the ratings of traditional cable TV sports events. On the other hand, the rise of streaming media services is likely to reshape the business model of sports live broadcasting business.

TV advertisers will re-examine pre-determined buying patterns

Nearly 60% of TV advertisers have revealed that they will reduce their budget for pre-determined cable TV ads in 2021. There are still about one third of advertisers willing to continue to decide in advance to buy ads, but expressed the hope that in a more flexible way, they will not be charged when cancelling ads. Advertisers who plan to cut their budget for pre-determined TV ads say they will turn to more data-driven channels such as smart screens.

Intelligent large screen brings more new forms of advertising creativity

Compared with traditional TV advertising, intelligent large screen provides more space for advertising creativity. Many brands and agents are trying different forms of advertising on intelligent large screen to meet the needs and habits of different audiences. At present, short video advertising is a new trend, 59% of TV advertisers said they would consider shortening the advertising time

Demand growth of intelligent large screen marketing talents

Advertisers said that in 2021, they will focus on the field of smart big screen marketing. 37% of the respondents intend to hire specialists who are familiar with smart big screen marketing. Another 55% of the respondents said that they will make adjustments to ensure that the internal team can cover both traditional cable TV and smart big screen advertising channels.

Marketers prefer efficient intelligent large screen advertising

Under the pressure of global epidemic and shrinking marketing budget, marketers need to seek data-driven delivery solutions that can closely link advertising expenditure with business results, such as smart large screen advertising. This kind of data-driven advertising is flexible and controllable, which brings new ideas for agents to improve the advertising effect. Up to 87% of advertisers think that the effect of intelligent large screen advertising can match or even better than that of cable TV advertising.

2020 is the turning point of TV advertising. In the United States, for the first time, the number of American families that can be reached by smart large screen exceeds that of traditional cable TV, which has become an important channel for advertisers to establish communication with consumers, and has also attracted more and more attention of marketing personnel. It is believed that in the future, the application of intelligent large screen will be more extensive, and Cuiyi is constantly working with industry partners to explore more possibilities of intelligent large screen marketing, help advertisers seize the wind and lead the new industry trend.

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