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Twelve trends of customer experience in 2021 From Netease positioning

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In recent years, the digital transformation of various industries has been accelerating. At the same time, consumers are more and more in pursuit of emotional experience, and their purchase decisions begin to tilt from function to experience. PwC’s research shows that good customer experience can bring more premium ability to manufacturers. Therefore, the digitalization of customer experience has become the focus for enterprises to seek business growth and business innovation.

Based on the first-hand practice of providing long-term consulting and service for enterprises in the field of customer experience, Netease positioning of Netease cloud business and yuntu Yuanrui have made systematic foresight and prediction on the digital development of customer experience, and thus extracted “Twelve trends of customer experience in 2021” (hereinafter referred to as “trends”).

According to fortune business insights, the global market for customer experience management (CEM) is expected to reach US $23.91 billion by 2026, according to the trend. Compared with foreign countries, the digitalization of customer experience in China is still in its infancy. However, the rapid increase of emerging scientific and technological innovation companies and billion level financing events in the field, as well as the awakening of enterprises to enhance customer experience awareness by means of technology, show that the trend of breaking through has been formed. 2021 is expected to be the first year of digital customer experience in China.

Among the twelve trends, data, robot, SaaS and full link are the four key words to accelerate the digitalization of customer experience. Enterprises and service providers should focus on these four points in order to take the lead in the first year of digital customer experience in China.

Data analysis drives optimization and upgrading of customer experience

In trend, the importance of data has been emphasized many times. The sixth trend clearly states that “data and analysis driven customer experience management will become the breakthrough point of customer experience optimization”. It has become an inevitable choice for enterprises to develop the data and analysis ability commensurate with the times, and combine with the scene for analysis, modeling and prediction. As a data intensive field, according to the article “50 key data of customer experience value” by Forbes, 65% of companies believe that improving data analysis ability is crucial for the company to provide better customer experience.

Trend five also proposes that, compared with the traditional isolated customer contact, managing the continuous and complete customer journey can obtain better customer satisfaction and loyalty. To create a global customer experience, it is necessary to manage the experience data in a unified way and comprehensively improve the level of data analysis.

However, most domestic enterprises are still limited by data island and analysis ability, and the value of data is far from being brought into full play. SaaS products, which are deeply rooted in these fields, will be of great use.

Xiao Yuyan, deputy general manager of Netease smart enterprise and product director of Netease cloud business, once said that the first test of digital transformation is an enterprise’s organizational structure and strategic system, rather than its tool chain. For enterprises in the digital era, the key to improving their competitiveness is the cooperation between departments. Therefore, the construction of a unified data platform to leverage business growth with data intelligence is the goal Netease cloud business wants to help enterprises achieve.

Therefore, at the beginning of the new SaaS products launched by Netease cloud business, the strategy of breaking the data island and strengthening data analysis was raised to the strategic level.

Focusing on the whole marketing life cycle of “insight marketing service”, Netease cloud business helps enterprises to build a more complete and clear user portrait in three stages of reach, transformation and service, and formulate refined growth strategies accordingly. In the early touch stage, through the combination of large and small data to form deep insight into customers, Netease cloud business can help enterprises more accurately and efficiently delineate and reach the target population. In the transformation stage, Netease cloud business achieves accurate stratification by capturing each customer behavior data, laying the foundation for clearer marketing planning and more scientific marketing decisions. During the pre-sale consultation, in sale interaction and after-sale follow-up of the whole service journey, each contact point of communication and interaction between enterprises and users will be precipitated and analyzed, so that customer service can also realize precision marketing based on user links and user portraits, just like sales.

As a result, Netease cloud business endows the enterprise with global thinking by getting through the whole chain data, and achieves the optimization and upgrading of global customer experience.

At the same time, in today’s demographic dividend has peaked, it has become a consensus to create a private flow ecology to revitalize the stock customers. According to the white paper on private domain traffic published by Jianshi technology in 2020, 2019 can be called the first year of private domain traffic. As the entrance of private domain data assets, private domain traffic is valued by more and more enterprises, which is also the main development trend of enterprise marketing digital transformation in the future.

Intelligent robots add weight to high quality customer experience

“Trend” research shows that “intelligent customer service robots will usher in rapid growth, adding weight to customer experience”. According to the survey of salesforce, 71% of the customers want the manufacturer to communicate with them in real time; most of the customers are not willing to spend time waiting for others to provide information, and 68% of the customers prefer to solve simple problems through the customer portal or knowledge base of the manufacturer. In China, according to the “2020 e-commerce customer service experience report” released by Netease positioning and Netease Qiyu, 74.5% of the respondents expect the response time of online customer service questions to be less than 1 minute.

It can be seen that robots meet the needs of young mainstream consumer groups to solve problems independently and “instant service”, and consumers’ acceptance and confidence are also significantly improved.

In recent years, the development of Internet technology, cloud computing, big data and AI has brought the traditional call center and customer service software into the era of SAAS and intelligence, and robots continue to advance in function. Dialogue robot can not only do simple Q & A, but also provide customers with personalized services based on data analysis and tags. In addition, in the pre-sale stage, it can complete a series of complete processes, such as potential customers’ retention, clue filtering, and assignment of optimal customer service for follow-up. Recently, Netease Qiyu, a subsidiary of Netease cloud business, has just released the “capital retention robot”, which can not only realize the automation of this whole process, but also upgrade the service experience with personalized invitation script, more natural multi round interaction, super long answer splitting, and flexible silent / jump strategy in the process of guiding capital retention, so as to enhance the motivation of capital retention in the form of interaction.

In addition, customer service robots no longer blindly provide passive services, but incarnate as experts and shopping guides, can intelligently recommend products according to algorithms, and can also follow up the needs of customers, and so on. With the parallel development of intelligent customer service system and service marketing integration, robots will soon become the “king of goods”.

The outbound call robot has also gone out of the simple marketing scene, and won the favor of customers in the diversified scenes of information notification, reminder, activity invitation, wechat diversion, etc.

These functions not only meet customers’ expectations, but also promote each other with the scene customer experience, forming a benign closed loop.

SaaS in the field of customer experience is unstoppable

According to the report of cloud computing and big data Research Institute of China Academy of information and communication, at present, customer experience management in China is still in the stage of project-based customized development, but this mode has obvious disadvantages: high development cost, long cycle, solidified architecture, poor flexibility, and subsequent cost after operation and maintenance and upgrade iteration. Moreover, in today’s start-ups, small teams of professionals are very limited, often unable to complete the development of online work.

Since 2015, the SaaS market has been expanding continuously. IDC has issued a report that the scale of China’s enterprise SaaS market in 2019 will grow by 41% year-on-year, and predicted that the compound annual growth rate in the next five years will reach 37%. The eighth trend of the twelve trends points out that in the field of customer experience, SaaS will also become the inevitable mainstream choice, and SaaS based customer experience management platform and consulting service will rise soon.

SaaS platform mode of customer experience management enables small and medium-sized enterprises to directly purchase mature packages from service providers, which is characterized by rapid deployment, flexible configuration, easy iteration and easy unsubscribe. What’s more, the professional safety management system and ability of service providers are also purchased together with the products, which greatly reduces the total cost of ownership and operating costs. SaaS model can adapt to the characteristics of organizations of different sizes and development stages. It is not only brilliant in small and medium-sized enterprises, but also gradually favored by large organizations.

In recent years, head Internet companies have entered the b-end market one after another, and have developed SaaS products for various segmentation scenarios such as customer experience management, so that big factory technology can become the “brain” of entrepreneurial teams and serve more industry enterprises. For example, Netease, which has rich application ecology covering education, e-commerce, content and games, maintains sensitive insight into the needs of end users and consumers. With the advantages of experience in the C-end and customer demand-oriented, Netease will “package” several major products that directly hit the pain points of customer experience into one-stop SaaS products Netease cloud business, enabling enterprises to provide customers with high-quality experience in every detail.

This time, we will join hands with Netease to build yuntu Yuanrui of trend, and also be a pioneer enterprise of SaaS in the field of customer experience. Yuntu Yuanrui is a technology enterprise focusing on insight and scientific decision-making. It focuses on building intelligent, agile and professional SaaS solutions for experience management, and provides supporting consulting services. It has deep experience accumulation and leading professional ability in customer experience management (CXM), brand experience management (BXm), product experience management (PxM) and employee experience management (EXM) .

Full link is a necessary option for customer experience to boost growth

The eleventh trend in trend shows the importance of full link. In the detailed explanation of this trend, it is pointed out that in the future, enterprise informatization and digitization will no longer be limited to various single software scattered in various departments, such as ERP, OA, HR financial system and customer service tools, but to optimize the internal organization of the enterprise as a whole, and improve the cooperation efficiency and information flow between departments All right. As a part of it, customer experience should be embedded in the business closed-loop and organizational structure to make it fully integrated into the whole business journey, so as to respond to the changes of customer needs in an all-round and agile way, and finally drive the business growth of the whole link.

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