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Virtual reality in 2021 From China Institute of information technology

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Under the complex and changeable global economic situation and the influence of COVID-19, the social life and production mode of human society are facing new challenges. As a typical field of the new generation of information technology integration and innovation, virtual reality is ushering in new opportunities. After the first year of industry in 2016 and the first year of 5g cloud VR in 2019, the virtual reality industry has entered the take-off stage, and the “five horizontal and two vertical” technology system has initially taken shape. The industrial ecology focusing on application services, terminal devices, network platforms and content production has begun to take shape. The cloud development path triggers the integration and innovation of the industrial chain, and the “virtual reality +” innovative application accelerates to production and life infiltration. The research team of China information and Communication Research Institute, together with Huawei, BOE and other industry chains, carried out research on virtual reality industry on behalf of enterprises, and completed the white paper on virtual (augmented) reality.

Key points of the white paper

1. After the first year of virtual reality industry in 2016, the first year of cloud VR industry in 2018 and the first year of 5g cloud VR industry in 2019, 2020-2021 will become the key time window for virtual reality to enter the fast lane of industrial development. At present, the world is in the period of partial immersion / growth cultivation.


Development stage of virtual reality immersion experience industry

2, the Ministry of state and local governments have actively promoted the development of virtual reality industry. Since the virtual reality was included in the 13th Five-Year national economic policy plan and the Internet plus policy document in 2016, ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of education and so on have promulgated policies to support the development of virtual reality industry, and are listed as figures in the 14th Five-Year plan. It is one of the key economic industries.

Virtual reality policy related ministries in China

3. Virtual reality can be divided into “five horizontal and two vertical” technical framework, “five horizontal” refers to near eye display, perceptual interaction, network transmission, rendering calculation and content production, “two vertical” refers to VR and ar. At present, there are two technological paths of stand-alone intelligence and network connected cloud control. In the future, the evolution form of virtual reality development is not the simple superposition of the two, but the reconstruction of the existing system architecture under the innovation system of cloud, network, edge, end, user and human integration, triggering the industrial leap.

Virtual reality technology maturity curve

4. The innovative application of “virtual reality +” has accelerated its penetration into the production and life fields: in the field of trade and exhibition, it has given birth to the new normal of future exhibition in the epidemic era; in the field of industrial production, it has become a new driving force for enterprises’ digital transformation; in the field of real estate marketing, it is the only way for industry differentiation competition; in the field of health care, it helps to effectively supplement traditional medical means; in the field of education, it has become a new driving force for enterprises’ digital transformation In the field of training, the enabling teaching mode is upgraded from passive acceptance to independent experience; in the field of entertainment and leisure, it has become a new carrier of new information consumption mode.

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