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Hinger released the “visibility expert research report”, which is a professional with high market visibility and high reputation in specific professional knowledge. Most visibility expert customers (56.1%) said that they only learned by working with experts, but they also experienced various other benefits.

According to the survey of 220 visibility experts and 275 customers, visibility experts used various technologies to gain popularity, including recommendation (80.6%), social media (77.7%), speech activities (75.8%) and participation in online activities / trade shows (69.7%).

The report classifies the visibility experts from level 1 (well known in your company) to level 5 (recognized international experts across industries). The largest proportion of the sample (34%) was identified as level 4 (leading experts in the industry). The report found that the largest proportion of the sample of visibility experts (41.3%) was considered as “bridge builders”, that is, experts across two different professional fields.

This role can benefit customers in many ways. Increased visibility was the biggest revenue (46%), followed by revenue generation and more business (41%), and improved credibility / reputation (38%).

Of course, those who work with a visibility expert also have a wide range of benefits, with the majority of customers (56.1%) saying they can learn by working with just one visibility expert. More specifically, visibility experts can introduce new solutions that customers haven’t considered (55.3%), help complete the work (37.9%), and have the ability to solve complex problems (37.1%).

Visibility expert marketing can involve many effective skills, among which the effect of speech is the best (66.7%). Other skills included writing business books (61.1%), recommending (54.3%), writing articles or blog articles (46.0%) and attending webinars (37.2%).

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