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When cities encounter digital technology From Future digital city

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With the penetration of new infrastructure in all walks of life and human settlements, technology will become the base of the future smart city and realize the interconnection of everything. Therefore, we believe that the future development direction of digital city lies in “industrial upgrading, space reconstruction, humanistic design, development and innovation, boundless integration”, and we need to pay attention to eight aspects.

Goal leading, life giving

The future digital city planning must be designed from top to bottom, based on the citizens’ demand for urban function, scene and space, combined with urban characteristics and trends, to clarify the “original” vision of the city, and transform it into top-level design. The vision of “original intention” of digital city is composed of two parts: the key elements of the city and the city’s personality and characteristics.

Smart City Vision

When describing the vision of the future digital city, we can integrate all the above elements, or use one of the specific entry points, but we must not treat a single element independently. At the same time, it can be compared with the world’s leading digital city.

For example, the “happy life” city of Dubai plan (2015-2021) aims to build an innovative global hub connecting ideas, people and services; the vision of Singapore’s smart country (2015-2025) is that technology makes seamless experience possible; the vision of Shanghai (2010-2022) is to use “wisdom” to build a “city of the future” and become an innovative city leading a smart and better life Shenzhen (2021-2025) should enable the city to feel, think, evolve and have temperature, so as to realize service acceleration, governance efficiency and life intelligence enhancement.

Problem oriented, innovative solutions

In the future, digital city will solve the problems of urban governance and development in an innovative way through digital technology. These problems focus on three aspects: resource governance, industrial development and citizen service. The sorting out of problems needs to focus on the city service objects. We can benchmark the world’s leading practice and innovate solutions together with leading digital consulting service companies.

For example, people in Hangzhou are most eager to solve the congestion problem. Hangzhou is the first pilot city to make the traffic control algorithm smarter through sample analysis and process supervision. After “digital blocking” has achieved remarkable results, the urban brain extends to “digital governance city” and “digital epidemic prevention”. Especially in the face of COVID-19, it can digitally restore work and restore production, create a platform for enterprises to resume production and regenerate, and build platform for government and business, “Pro Qing online”.

User triggered, scene driven

In the future, digital city will gradually turn from technology driven and government investment led to user demand driven. The whole process of smart city construction, from planning, construction, to operation, service and other stages, should be open to dialogue with residents and listen to their opinions. Based on the user’s demands, it combs the vertical scene and links the horizontal journey of the digital city.

Vertical scene sorting is to sort out the digital scene level by level from the three dimensions of governance digitization, life digitization and economic Digitization Based on urban positioning and demand.

Horizontal journey connection is to design the journey of stakeholders in different cities, realize the horizontal connection in the vertical field of digital city, build the digital platform base and controllable and manageable data sharing mechanism, realize the interconnection of multiple scenes, and support intelligent decision-making.

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