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White paper on asset allocation in low interest rate Era From Economic report in the 21st century & Ping An Life Insurance

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Under the global “low interest rate pressure”, the preservation and appreciation of residents’ wealth has ushered in new challenges. At the same time, the specific methods and habits of asset allocation are also undergoing profound changes.

Ping An Life Insurance, together with the 21st century economic report, the 21st Century Institute of Finance and southern finance all media group, has issued the white paper on asset allocation in the era of low interest rates, which aims to remind the public of the importance and basic logical framework of asset allocation in the new market environment.

This report is mainly divided into five chapters. In the main content, it presents and analyzes the current macro situation, including the development of the real economy, the situation and pattern of the financial market; depicts the portrait of the urban middle class, the main body of asset allocation, and makes a detailed analysis of the consumption habits, income, wealth, and asset allocation of the urban middle class; introduces the domestic and foreign experts As a reference, this paper presents the problems existing in the asset allocation of Chinese families and gives relevant suggestions. Finally, as a crucial category of asset allocation, the report separately introduces and analyzes the utility, allocation principles and logic of insurance assets in the asset allocation of families and residents.

According to the report, with the continuous decline of policy interest rate and market interest rate and the frequent occurrence of various kinds of risks, the asset allocation of Chinese residents ushered in an inflection point and began to change from the traditional “saving” thinking to “investment” thinking. More and more residents will allocate the money in their pockets to financial assets. At the same time, financial assets will be further tilted to insurance and pension.

According to the report, low interest rates have four major impacts on the preservation and appreciation of residents’ wealth

First, the risk-free rate of return required by the preservation and appreciation of residents’ wealth has declined, which leads to the increase of the gap between the expected rate of return and the actual rate of return;

Second, the structural asset shortage reappeared;

Third, there are local risks in steady investment;

Fourth, asset price volatility has risen.

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