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Driven by freight competition and transportation efficiency improvement, the market growth potential of intensive after market service and logistics enabling is gradually released, and the commercial vehicle service enabling market contains huge opportunities. After years of development, China’s domestic commercial vehicle aftermarket has gradually built a commercial vehicle aftermarket ecosystem with vehicle supporting and operation value-added services as the two core, and the participation of OEMs, dealers, financial institutions and innovative enterprises.

1、 “Starting from the car”, vehicle supporting service innovation and upgrading, expand business depth

In the rapid development of vehicle supporting service market, various opportunities will emerge in each link: TCO solution can charge service according to the actual customer operation situation, vehicle + service overall solution products, service hosting products, etc. After sales parts service can expand the second brand parts and remanufactured parts of the three major parts (engine, chassis and axle box parts) outside the warranty business, and take the way of socialized collection of vulnerable maintenance parts to expand business. In the second-hand car trading / insurance / finance, user traffic can be used to build an online information platform for second-hand car trading, and life cycle data monitoring can help offline vehicle evaluation. The Internet of vehicles can not only improve the functions of vehicle information entertainment and interactive experience, but also optimize the operation of key customers by building a fleet management platform. In addition, it can also realize the innovative business model of customized car + full life cycle service + closed-loop supply through full life cycle asset management.

2、 “People oriented”, around the logistics, driver operation value-added, three-dimensional service

There are two kinds of entry opportunities for operational value-added services: stock market and incremental market. The entry opportunities for stock market such as oil products / insurance / etc include centralized purchase of logistics platform, insurance, finance and other products based on data and operation management, and commercialization of online traffic (advertising). The incremental market opportunities such as freight insurance / vehicle finance mainly come from data collection of logistics platform to make up for small and medium-sized logistics Companies, teams and individual drivers credit data vacancy, creating financial services incremental market. In addition, it can also provide consumer finance services for drivers, car owners and other participants.

3、 After the innovation of market business, the five new requirements will win a thousand miles

Although the potential opportunities of aftermarket business are great, it also puts forward higher requirements for the main engine factory. Only enterprises that really start from users can have a deep insight into the demands of users, so as to find the entry point of post market business. At the same time, we must note that the audience of the aftermarket business is still the long-term service drivers and motorcade of the main engine plant. However, due to its long business cycle and low frequency, the main engine factory is required to change its user operation ideas, strengthen user access and operation in the Internet era, and obtain more growth and stronger stickiness. In addition, we have to mention the importance of digitalization to the development of post market business. Digitalization is not only for customer-oriented products, including OTA, but also for the management of internal aftermarket business and parts. Only by truly improving efficiency and creating value through digitalization can we provide post market services that customers are willing to pay for. The development of post market business is inseparable from one element, that is, multi-party joint efforts, complementary advantages, ecological cooperation, to create a win-win situation. Finally, for the traditional OEM, in order to achieve a breakthrough in the aftermarket business, or other innovative business, the organization has put forward higher requirements. Because we are facing a new, more complex and changeable environment, only by truly establishing a flexible and creative organization can we achieve a breakthrough.

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