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White paper on cross border e-commerce marketing for SMEs From Facebook

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COVID-19 has swept the world and has brought long-term and profound influence to the world’s foreign trade, including China. In 2020, the majority of China’s small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce companies have experienced a number of key nodes, such as shutdown, resumption of work, policy adjustment of overseas media platforms, etc.

Facebook cross border e-commerce business school works hand in hand with Facebook’s official agent in China and China’s high-quality partners to support the full recovery of small and medium-sized cross-border enterprises. A number of front-line service providers and platform factory sellers responsible for product selection, site building, logistics, ERP, payment, KOL and crowdfunding in the whole cross-border industry were invited to hold theme activities in the form of online round table forum to provide the latest industry insight, product selection trend, successful experience and solutions from different perspectives, so as to help foreign trade practitioners regain momentum and activate business. On November 26, Facebook released this white paper, and papaya mobile marketing college will provide you with the key contents of the white paper.

Category layout and industry insight in post epidemic Era

More than 50% of the global respondents are watching streaming media services, 45% spend more time using messaging services, nearly 45% spend more time browsing social media, and nearly 15% indicate that they are creating and uploading videos.

Of the segregated young consumers, 84% were closely related to their relatives and friends through technology and social media during COVID-19.

Large consumption shelved: nearly 40% of the global respondents indicated that large consumption shelved before would only be carried out when the epidemic situation in their own countries began to ease or ended.

38% of respondents said COVID-19 would last for more than six months.

Consumers continue to increase their spending on it and office equipment. This trend began in March and continues to accelerate: the purchase of laptops (+ 100%), displays (+ 252%) and multi-function printers (+ 129%) is soaring.

Of the young consumers who segregated, 55% were home furnishing because of the influence of COVID-19; 75% of them were buying or planning to buy cleaning products; nearly 1/3 (32%) told us that they had consumed more food that they could enjoy during that time; 44% of them were more engaged in cooking / baking.

51% of young parents indicated that they would give priority to their children’s entertainment needs in the coming weeks. Useful resources (especially educational resources for homeschooling) and encouragement for children have become particularly important.

68% of the consumers surveyed indicated that they would support those enterprises that sell non essential products, and they did not object to these enterprises selling products online.

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