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White paper on development assessment of 5g + industrial Internet in 2021 From Internet of things think tank

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China is the country with the most complete manufacturing industry chain in the world, and also the largest industrial country with the highest industrial added value. The transformation and upgrading of industry affects the future development of the country. The integrated development of 5g and industrial Internet is not only the key to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, but also the new driving force to promote the development of China’s intelligent manufacturing. With the gradual improvement of 5g infrastructure, the three core capabilities of 5g low latency, wide connection and large bandwidth will broaden the application scenarios of industrial Internet, realize the transformation of industrial production efficiency, power and quality, and become a new engine for the development of digital economy. At the present stage, Chinese enterprises have accelerated the application scenario exploration and benchmarking practice of 5g + industrial Internet.

As a professional research institution in China’s aiot field, IOT think tank has long maintained close observation on industrial Internet and 5g. For many years, IOT think tank has closely contacted with excellent enterprises in the industry, and has continued to carry out 5g + industrial Internet industry demand and industry research. In 2020, the Internet of things think tank will launch relevant work on the development maturity assessment model of 5g + industrial Internet. After consulting experts and industry research, the white paper on the development maturity of 5g + industrial Internet will be finally formed.

According to the core concerns of industrial enterprises in deploying and using 5g + industrial Internet, this white paper puts forward three core levels: equipment level, application level and benefit level, refines and summarizes 10 core capabilities for industrial enterprises, and formulates relatively complete evaluation indicators and models based on capabilities. The 5g + industrial Internet development maturity assessment project has invited dozens of enterprises to participate in discussion, research, evaluation and verification. The white paper will also discuss and analyze the model data of research and evaluation in detail.

“5g + industrial Internet development maturity white paper” can provide many useful references for enterprises, governments and research institutions. First of all, the white paper hopes to provide a set of methodology for industrial manufacturing enterprises to objectively evaluate their own production practice, help enterprises find the main problems encountered in the deployment and implementation of 5g + industrial Internet projects, and provide improvement direction guidance and construction scheme path. Secondly, the white paper can provide effective data support and policy-making basis for government departments and relevant industry university research institutions. Finally, the white paper can guide and promote the integration and innovation of China’s 5g and industrial Internet development.

As this white paper is the first edition of the white paper on the development maturity of 5g + industrial Internet, in the future, the white paper will continue to be modified and optimized according to the relevant problems and suggestions put forward by industry experts and visiting enterprises, so as to provide more scientific and effective guidance and suggestions for the development of 5g + industrial Internet.

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