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What kind of career is “dream”

The so-called dream occupation must have the characteristics of dream and fantasy at the same time. Dream, on behalf of it is the ideal career direction of young women, is worth working for the value of life. Fantasy, on behalf of many girls are very clear that it is false, like a lovely soap bubble, a poke on the break, when not true. Dream career is like this, both unrealistic side, but also full of expectations, maybe a little more effort can be successful.

27% of the girls in dream and occupation think that there is no limit in their mind to love! And the next high vote options were medical staff, teachers, CEO and so on. In these wild imagination, students prefer actors and actresses. Career women’s dream jobs are jobs that can be far away from the office, such as navigational / aviation personnel, and experiential occupations such as food tasters and sleepers.

Social software, TV dramas and short videos are the main channels for young women to learn about dream careers. Most girls know more about their careers, explore themselves more, and have a more entertaining spirit. The ubiquitous camera brings a more diversified career to people, so that girls know early, “I can still do this!”

Why are these professions dreamy? The girls gave their answers. First of all, the most necessary condition of dream career is to start from their own interests, and what they like is the best; secondly, they can realize their self-worth and have a sense of achievement; in addition, it is also very important that high income can bring material satisfaction. In short, you can earn money by doing what you like.

They are serious about breaking the illusion and pursuing the dream

What they can only dream about is not necessarily what they want. After the respondents made a choice again according to the prompts, we got the top 20 ranking of dream career. The top seven are: Actor / Ido, self-made shop, singer / musician / pianist, designer, taster / taster, anchor / up host / blogger / Internet celebrity, star agent. It is worth noting that at this time, the proportion of actors / actresses is higher, even reaching 39%.

You think they’re just talking? In fact, nearly 80% of young women will consider engaging in dream career of their choice in the future, while 21% said they will definitely engage in dream career; 72% of them will take dream career as their main direction of attack to strive for entry into the industry, and less than 1% of them have already worked in their dream career field. It’s a dream to pursue.

Of course, not all girls will realize what they say. Young women who focus their lives on different priorities have different choices when considering whether they want to pursue dream careers. For girls who pay more attention to self-worth, 83% will consider engaging in dream career; for girls who clearly hope to pay attention to their family or career, or those who want to give consideration to both family and career, 71% to 77% of girls seriously consider pursuing dream career; while 61% of girls who pay attention to rebirth and enjoy the present will consider engaging in dream career, accounting for the largest proportion Low. Buddha girl, at any time like water free from the heart.

Girls have a relatively consistent consensus on the reasons for pursuing dreams. Most of the reasons for wanting to engage in dream career are that they hope that dream career can meet their own interests and hobbies, while the reason for not engaging in dream career is “ability mismatch”. The conclusion shows that although the dream of girls is very big, their attitude towards career planning is very realistic, and they are considering the future according to their own characteristics.

Girls know that the future belongs to those who are prepared. In order to join the industry as they wish, 60% + have received professional training, 59% will pay attention to relevant industry information, and about 50% have participated in relevant work practice. In the most critical years before career anchor, they believe that only by trying hard can they know whether they can do it or not.

Among the working population, 99% of the girls said that their current job was not their dream job. The reason why they did not choose at the beginning was that they did not meet the requirements, did not consider clearly and the economic conditions were not allowed. Looking for their own value is an eternal topic. In order to become better themselves, 16% of these girls said they would definitely engage in their dream career, and 56% said they might.

Identify with yourself and be proud of yourself

According to the candid Reply of the young women who participated in this survey, we draw a picture of a Chinese girl who knows what she likes and what she wants. She is strict with herself and expects to be able to earn a lot of money and realize her self value one day.

When choosing a career, 57% of them pay more attention to their interests and future personal development. When considering the ideal life state in the future, self-worth is a very important judgment standard. Only when “I” live well, can they really enjoy a happy life. Moreover, they do not have the stereotype that career and family can not be taken into account. 27% choose “I want everything”; 16% choose to pay more attention to career and pursue financial freedom; 12% choose to pay attention to family. Perhaps the important thing is not what kind of value judgment they choose, but that the future workplace should provide them with free choice space, so that every kind of girl can live as much as she wants.

What is success in the eyes of girls?

Nearly half of the respondents chose to “strive to live as they like”, 16% thought it was “constantly creating more social value”, and 12% thought it was “making little achievements in their field” Once a widely circulated “chicken soup” has become a gold sentence for girls to motivate themselves. The definition of success is in their own hands. They no longer frame themselves with fixed line standards. This kind of “success” is the most exciting.

Anxiety is not a person’s story. The main stress of women in the workplace is to accept the pressure of work, work and family. Sexism ranked eighth. Most women’s troubles are the same as those of their male colleagues, but the workplace unfairness brought by gender can not be ignored. Among the female job hunting anxieties, the most striking reasons are childbirth and the need to take care of family. This kind of systematic problem puzzles most Chinese girls.

In the face of discrimination and stigmatization of women, Chinese girls have their own distress. Or try to avoid being labeled, or to express embarrassment or distress. They know that no matter how dreamy the careers in idol dramas are, in real life, women’s workplace pressure and competition are far more difficult than men’s, and age and fertility issues still affect their future like a clock that is always beating. But in order to realize their own value, they dare to fight and stride forward towards the shining direction.

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