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In the past 20 years, as a core component of global economic development, China’s achievements have been witnessed by all eyes of the world. China is a huge market with 1.4 billion potential consumers. In the past 20 years, the average annual growth rate of China’s GDP has reached 12.7%, successfully completing the transformation from low-income countries to high-income countries. At present, China has grown into one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world.

The main factors contributing to China’s rapid development in the past include urbanization, internationalization and consumption upgrading. China’s infrastructure and heavy industry also ushered in a good development during this period, and the heavy industries supporting infrastructure development, such as steel, petrochemical and automobile industries, also ushered in a process of continuous creation through upgrading.

Looking at the present and the future, with the slowing down of China’s urbanization process, China’s growth in important energy infrastructure has dropped from double-digit growth to single digit growth, and the growth rate of consumer goods market has also dropped slowly due to the maturity of the market. China has officially entered the economic slowdown zone from the high-speed economic growth zone. What is the trend of China’s economic development in the next two to three years? How do Chinese business leaders in various fields view the new normal of the market under the economic slowdown? What changes will their enterprises make? Through online questionnaire and one-to-one in-depth interview, this white paper has conducted in-depth discussion with Chinese enterprise managers on this topic. Generally speaking, Chinese business managers almost all believe that the slowdown in overall economic growth has brought the market into a stage of structural adjustment. With the gradual maturity of the market, structural differentiation will gradually appear, and it is difficult for extensive growth to obtain sustainable income. However, the overall consumption potential is still huge, and billions to billions of market potential may be released at any time in the field of subdivided categories. This means that Chinese enterprises need to carry out transformation and upgrading, and the huge pressure to promote innovation will follow. At the same time, it will be an important measure for Chinese enterprises to continue to pay attention to overseas opportunities and selectively invest overseas with the main purpose of assisting domestic market strategy.

This white paper is divided into four chapters. In China’s China China business managers China novel coronavirus pneumonia, the third chapter focuses on the three hot topics of Chinese enterprises’ managers’ attention, including three aspects of overseas acquisitions and acquisitions, consumer centered innovation and manufacturing and digital transformation. It also elaborates the wisdom and insights of Chinese business managers. In the fourth chapter, it also analyzes the far-reaching impact of COVID-19’s new crown pneumonia epidemic on Chinese enterprises. We hope to provide clues and thoughts for readers who want to understand the future development trend of Chinese market.

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