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White paper on future technology trends From Technological reconstruction of social supply chain

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What is digital supply chain? What is the background of the birth of digital supply chain? What are the key technologies of digital supply chain? What is the future development trend of digital intelligence key technology? How will digital technology and social supply chain spark? What kind of value effect will it produce in social development?

For these hot issues, we can find clear answers one by one in the white paper “technology restructuring social supply chain – future technology trends”.  

Digital industrialization and industrial digitization have become the “stress” of the “fourteenth five year plan” era. Relying on the implementation of digital technology, it will drive a new round of industrial reform in China. Digitalization, networking and intellectualization not only change personal life, but also drive the transformation of leading enterprises in the industry and radiate the influence to the whole industry chain.

As the head of the new generation of supply chain system oriented to the future, JDD is the first time for JD group to take root in the field of supply chain socialization in 2020. Jingdong believes that the supply chain, driven by digital intelligence technology, will move towards the direction of intelligence, socialization and full link. Digital intelligence technology will realize the connection of production, circulation and service in the supply chain, promote the matching and collaboration of information and resources in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, and bring about cost reduction and efficiency increase in enterprise operation and production. With the help of science and technology, the enterprises in the supply chain of digital intelligence society will realize the purpose of deep technology, deep data, deep intelligence, deep link and depth. Jingdong studies and judges that by 2030, all enterprises will become science and technology enterprises. .

At the beginning of the new year 2021, the technical committee of Jingdong group issued the white paper “technology restructuring social supply chain – future science and technology trend”, which sounded the clarion call of the digital intelligent transformation of the technology enabling industry of Jingdong group. As the first group level technology and business white paper of Jingdong, it comprehensively presents the key technology trends that affect today’s supply chain reform from the objective research perspective of digital intelligence technology development. At the same time, it makes a comprehensive interpretation of the innovation ecological model of the intelligent technology enabled industry and social supply chain, which brings inspiration for promoting the development and transformation of the industry.

Multidimensional analysis of five key technologies of digital intellectualization: technology trend, key technology and technology value

Relying on its technology, talent and industrial chain ecological advantages, Jingdong has carried out in-depth observation and Research on the key frontier technologies that affect the current social development and industrial supply chain reform. Five key digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, Internet of things, blockchain, autonomous system and next generation computing, will affect the industry to achieve deep links, deep data, deep intelligence and deep goals. . 

White paper states: in the field of artificial intelligence, through technological breakthroughs in machine learning, machine vision, natural language processing and other fields, the world’s degree of intelligence will continue to improve, and human-computer cooperation and symbiosis will usher in new development. With the maturity of 5g communication, IOT equipment and edge computing technology, the integration of physical world and digital world will be accelerated, and the “digital twin” world will make the interaction between people and objects and environment more free and imaginable. Blockchain plays an important role in the new business model of mutual trust, secure and reliable data transmission and storage. With the enabling of sensing technology, the comprehensive improvement of positioning and navigation ability and edge intelligence in complex and open scenes, intelligent collaboration between autonomous devices and human society will become a reality. Human brain, cloud brain, telencephalon and organism, number font, mechanical body are integrated and symbiotic. In the next decade, the computing scenarios will continue to be diversified and sinking, and the demand for the generation and processing of massive data will continue to rise. As an important infrastructure of the digital intelligence society, the next generation computing technology will present the characteristics of multi scenario, security, and cloud edge collaborative integration.

The Internet of things brings the digital twin of the physical world, and all things can be digitized. The Internet of things technology weaves a data network for the digital twin world. The blockchain promotes reliable connection and data security, so that the data of the digital twin world can flow on demand, safely and freely. Artificial intelligence helps the big data tide All things can be driven by intelligence and create intelligence on demand; autonomous systems realize the harmonious and sustainable symbiosis between machines and human world, and realize cross-border communication in the physical world and digital world; next generation computing is the computing power base to realize the twin world of digital intelligence and provide the underlying engine for the intelligent world.

The energy of the above five technologies can not be underestimated. As a deep technology that constitutes the supply chain of digital intelligence society, the integration of multiple technologies and energy can realize the full connection, digital intelligence and socialization of everything in the future digital intelligence world. In the digital twin world, things are related to each other, developing towards a more intelligent direction, and all of them have social attributes. The five core cutting-edge technologies are the deep technology, deep data, deep link and deep intelligence that constitute the supply chain of digital intelligence society to help human beings achieve the deep purpose.

Five scenarios of digital intellectualization: technology as the guide and digital intellectualization

With the investment accumulation and research of five key digital intelligent technologies, namely artificial intelligence, Internet of things, blockchain, autonomous system and next generation computing, JD combines its own business scene advantages, takes Jingdong’s retail, health, logistics, finance and city as the driving force, links technological innovation and the whole process of industrial supply chain, so as to realize the digital transformation of the industry and enable the new development of digital intelligent social supply chain Focus on business types. . 

Take digital society retail supply chain as an example. With the help of intelligent performance decision-making brain, Jingdong Omni channel supply chain can get through the store inventory, connect the distribution of partners, upgrade the omni channel reach ability, and form a synergistic effect between multi terminals and multi scenarios. Supported by the data of the whole supply chain, through the application of Jingdong c2m reverse customization mode, the product demand research time has been reduced by 75%, and the new product launch cycle has been shortened by 67%. Digital intelligent technology leads manufacturing to “intelligent manufacturing”, achieving the upgrading of retail supply chain with lower cost, higher user satisfaction and more innovative business.  

In the field of intelligent logistics, JD logistics has built a lomir 5g intelligent logistics platform based on 5g, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies to realize real-time monitoring, visualization, intelligent analysis and implementation analysis of the whole logistics link. At present, digital intelligent logistics supply chain has been applied in Jingdong Asia No.1, Beidou Xincang and its logistics backbone network. Taking Zhengzhou “Asia No.1” as an example, after the application of digital intelligent logistics supply chain, the overall sorting efficiency of the park has been increased by 5 times, and 1 million orders can be processed every day.

Through digital intelligent city supply chain, Jingdong builds a “one core, two wings” city governance system based on Jingdong Intelligent City operating system “lunling”. In Nantong municipal government’s command center for urban governance modernization, the system collects billions of data from 75 departments to provide city managers with decision-making suggestions based on AI intelligent analysis and expert think tanks, so as to comprehensively improve urban governance capacity and modernization level.

With the blessing of technology, retail, logistics, finance and other major industries have achieved different degrees of technological transformation, and the industry has realized more intelligent connection and collaboration, which has promoted the technological change in different stages and periods of each link. .

In the future, JD will continue to explore cutting-edge technologies, cooperate with customers, partners and social forces, and continuously invest in the construction of digital intelligent social supply chain system, so as to promote high-quality social development. .

Exploring technology with temperature: building a harmonious, efficient and fair future society

The release of the white paper is a profound development of Jingdong’s technology and supply chain scene over the years. In Jingdong’s view, technology with temperature is a powerful lever to promote social progress. The essence of technological innovation is to transform the social environment, improve social production efficiency, and promote the harmonious and sustainable development of human and social environment. “Digital social supply chain will become the new infrastructure in the next decade.” This is the core cognition of Jingdong in the process of scientific and technological innovation, and also the prediction of the inevitable elements of the future industry “two modernizations”. Jingdong is carrying out a series of scientific and technological investment, platform construction and industrial talent team construction, and is fully prepared to promote the transformation of industrial digital intelligence. . 

Jingdong’s exploration of science and technology has never stopped. In 2019, with the establishment of the technical committee of Jingdong group, the value of technology will be magnified again. The group’s technical committee focuses on building the technology brand of Jingdong group, coordinating and building the technology culture of Jingdong group, continuously enhancing the professionalism and diversity of Jingdong’s technical talent team, promoting the implementation of collective technology transformation and technology service strategy, and striving to enhance the overall technology influence of Jingdong group in the whole industry. Under the promotion of the group’s technical committee, the technology brand of Jingdong has become a global technology explorer of Jingdong that attracts the attention of the industry (jddiscovery) conference, by 2020, Jingdong exploration and Research Institute will be established, focusing on theoretical and basic exploration and research from six frontier technology fields, and then to the release of the white paper, which is gradually improving the influence and technological insight of Jingdong group’s technology brand in the industry.

It can be predicted that advanced cutting-edge technology will feed back and tamp the supply chain of digital intellectualized society, and become a solid foundation for the construction of digital society. The two-way empowerment mode of society and science and technology will also form a virtuous circle, promoting the sustainable development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of social order. Driven by the more warm future technology, JD will continue to output technology potential energy, continue to help the real economy, accelerate the transformation of industrial digital intelligence, drive the efficiency improvement of the whole industry and the whole society, and promote the society to run in a more harmonious, efficient and fair direction.

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