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White paper on ICT trends in 2021 From Deloitte Consulting & ZTE

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The white paper briefly assesses the uncertainty of the political and economic frictions of the great powers in 2020 and the uncertainty brought by COVID-19 to the ICT industry. It looks into the certainty that the global technology competition and social operation will bring the industry to the medium and long term in the long term. It also points out that the demand for ICT is enhanced. The intersection of 5G and other technologies will promote innovation. Meanwhile, the digital technology intensive enterprises in various industries are pouring into the market, ICT industry. Opportunities and challenges coexist.

Social uncertainty is rising and ICT industry is on the rise

The epidemic situation and changes in the political situation are intertwined, bringing great uncertainty to the global society and ICT industry. ICT industry has become the focus of political struggle. All major regions are strengthening the guiding investment, and the huge social resources are inclined to informatization.

Under the pressure of the epidemic, fundamental changes have taken place in the work, life, education and entertainment of human society, which tend to be online intensive, and various organizations accelerate the digital transformation. At the same time, China’s new infrastructure wave has stimulated China and even the world to attach importance to the digital economy, and the demand for social ICT has been improved. In the future, the intersection of 5g and other technologies will promote new scientific and technological achievements and more competition There are opportunities and challenges for the existing ICT industry.  

The certainty and uncertainty of personal market and the way to deal with them

For personal business, we believe that there are four clear trends: the user scale remains stable; the scissors gap between operators’ income and traffic expands, but operators continue to carry out capital expenditure in order to maintain competitiveness; mobile Internet business will continue to develop at a high speed, going deep into every scene of people’s lives; big video is 5g deterministic business, bringing significant changes to user experience Good.

In the future, there are still some uncertain areas in the personal business: 5g personal business’s profit prospects are unclear, facing Ott competition, operators fail to gain advantages in emerging business, and operators are still exploring new business models.

Operators can deal with the uncertainty of personal business from the following aspects:

Return to the essence of communication and build a good network;

Strengthen the integration of cloud network and develop value-added services based on network advantages;

Explore emerging services such as converged messaging;

Implement the equity rule for high value business.  

The certainty and uncertainty of family market and the way to deal with them

From the perspective of the development of family business, there are three relatively certain trends: huge market scale, rapid growth, and a wide range of products; connection is the foundation of family business, 3000 trillion will gradually enter the family in the next two years, and operators have entrance advantages; ultimate experience is the core selling point of family users, and “simplicity” is the biggest grasp.

In the face of future development, there are still some areas of uncertainty in the family business, which still need to be explored by the upstream and downstream of the industry: the new business model is faced with uncertainty, there is uncertainty in the development of “network and business integration” products, and there is uncertainty in whether Internet giants or telecom operators will dominate the family business in the future.

Facing the uncertainty of development, industry participants can make efforts to deal with it from the following aspects:

Coping with multiple scenarios: Based on the stock, do a good job in experience enhancement and application incubation;

Grasp the two technical points of “connection + AI” to build a long board of ability and expand new intelligent business;

We should strengthen our own business platform, expand family business ecology and cope with multi business competition.

The certainty and uncertainty of industry market and the way to deal with them

The certainty of the industry market is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the social digital transformation has become the main engine of the digital economy; the next three years will be the golden window of 5g industry application layout; ICT reconstructs production factors and promotes productivity.

The uncertainty of industry client lies in: the uncertainty of strategic direction, market operation and product service; the uncertainty of cloud edge service caused by heavy competition, heavy assets and uncertain evolution; the uncertainty of pipeline capacity service industry customer; the uncertainty of capacity demand is ever-changing, and the uncertainty of operation support.

When facing the uncertainty of industry business:

Coping with the uncertainty of “strategic direction and market operation”: deeply analyzing industries and enterprises;

Coping with “cloud edge service uncertainty”: multiple modes of operation, flexible deployment on demand;

To deal with the uncertainty of pipeline service, we should cooperate on a standardized scale and make breakthroughs on a customized basis;

Coping with “operational uncertainty” of industry business: building intelligent middle platform and reusing core competence and knowledge

Direction in vertical industry: the wide application of 5g + AI in intelligent manufacturing

The combination of 5g, AI, robot, AR / VR and other technologies will bring digital revolution to the core links of manufacturing, such as production operation, quality management, production environment, and help to realize intelligent manufacturing. Among them, artificial intelligence and 5g technology have the greatest impact on intelligent manufacturing. The application of artificial intelligence technology will promote the intellectualization of manufacturing industry and enhance the basic ability of realizing intelligent manufacturing; while the development of 5g technology will promote the development of industrial Internet and provide the key infrastructure for realizing intelligent manufacturing.

Intelligent factory is one of the main directions of enterprise transformation in the era of intelligent manufacturing 2.0. On the basis of a single intelligent factory solution, if the solution can be quickly extended to the whole factory network after it takes effect, the establishment of intelligent network will be conducive to the exponential growth of the value of the intelligent factory.

Identify and challenge technology trends

The digital service solutions for individual, family and industry customers are changing from the separated network and cloud service mode to the three-dimensional solution mode of cloud + Network + business integration. Wireless, wired, edge, bearer and other aspects of technology continue to rapid iterative evolution, in order to meet the business explosion, network bandwidth, functional requirements continue to upgrade requirements. 2、 The continuous development of the third generation semiconductor technology and the continuous progress of chips will provide continuous driving force for 5g + cloud + AI.

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