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1. Chronicle of online digital transformation of education industry

In recent years, the education of the first mock exam has been developing rapidly under the guidance of the capital and some educational industry giants. The new education mode has been developing at a high speed. Influenced by the 2020 new crown epidemic situation, the government has paid more attention to the online education mode. From the Ministry of education to the educational departments in all areas, policies have been issued to support the teaching activities with information technology. Education informatization 2.0 guides the development direction of the industry, and it is expected that the national financial expenditure will increase the investment in systems, software and education content.

During the epidemic period, online extracurricular counseling institutions launched various online large class live courses, and offline training institutions were also looking for online teaching solutions. After the epidemic situation was alleviated, many offline training institutions began to explore the Omo operation mode.

In recent years, the Ministry of education and education will introduce a number of policies related to the online education industry.

2. Online digital transformation of education industry in post epidemic Era

Under the influence of the new epidemic, all walks of life have been impacted to varying degrees. Affected by the policy of “no offline training during the epidemic”, offline education and training institutions are facing the pressure of “venue rent” and “labor cost”. Nearly half of the offline education and training institutions believe that the revenue is expected to decrease by more than 50% compared with last year, and only less than 1% of the offline institutions believe that the revenue is expected to decrease by more than 50% Revenue will not be lower than last year.

Compared with offline education and training institutions, online institutions are much less difficult to be affected by the epidemic. In March 2020, VIP accompanist disclosed that when the revenue of VIP exceeded 200 million yuan, the revenue of art treasure’s one-to-one business exceeded 130 million yuan, and the revenue of programming cat single exceeded 127 million yuan. In April 2020, huathingking disclosed that its revenue exceeded 150 million yuan. During the epidemic period, head online agencies maintained a single revenue of over 100 million yuan, and 10.4% of online agencies believed that even under the influence of the epidemic, the revenue would still increase compared with the same period last year.

In the current of digital transformation of teaching and training institutions, the outstanding education has great reference value.

Elite education is mainly engaged in one-to-one business. During the epidemic period, the pressure of class elimination is huge, and the profit margin of one-to-one K12 business itself is low. There are many similar institutions, and the homogenization is serious. Elite education is extremely fierce under the traditional mode of competition. Therefore, it makes great efforts to make digital transformation, open up the gap with competitors, and establish advantage barriers.

Tide over the epidemic crisis

During the epidemic period, elite education transferred more than 100000 off-line students from 434 teaching sites across the country to online learning without a large amount of refund. As of February 2020, elite has successfully provided services for 160000 students, with a class renewal rate of more than 90%.

Outstanding performance growth

In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020, the cash sales of elite education reached 1.05 billion yuan, up 45.3% on a month on month basis; the net income exceeded expectations, reaching 1.01 billion yuan, up 35.7% on a month on month basis; the monthly average number of humanities courses reached 171000, up 6.8% on a month on month basis, up 8.0% on a year-on-year basis.

Brand upgrade

With the digital transformation and upgrading of products, the structure and campus transformation are adjusted. Among the students, 70% are high-end families, and 95% are VIP products serving high-end families. The path of upgrading elite education to high-end is emerging.

Online community operation

In the post epidemic era, this problem is directly related to the survival and safety of the campus. In 2020, the teaching and training industry will accelerate the exploration of new ways of “private traffic”.

Products suitable for exploring private traffic and high customer price

Because of the need to maintain user relations, it is bound to pay a higher cost, especially the labor cost, which naturally requires a high price.

High Repurchasing

Let users continue to buy, is the core premise of maintaining the relationship, the product does not need to buy again, “private domain traffic” is basically useless.

Highly topical

Buying is not the only way to build a relationship with users. It may be more meaningful for users to participate in the product itself.

K12 online large class, typical of high unit price, high re purchase, high topic, is very suitable for “private domain traffic” operation.

Education covers the whole stage from kindergarten to college entrance examination, which naturally has the possibility of re purchase; the degree of standardization is low, and the form is “content + service”, which requires high cost; in the scene, students can compete with each other, parents can spread word-of-mouth, and the topic is enough.

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