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White paper on overseas talent development of Chinese Enterprises From China trade international think tank

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Report findings

1. Overseas Chinese enterprises have withstood the pressure, the pace of employment has not been disrupted by the epidemic, and have contributed to the stable employment of the host country.

Among the 100 enterprises surveyed, 23% said that they continued to expand recruitment during the epidemic period, and 68% basically maintained the number of existing employees. At the same time, Chinese enterprises also usher in the opportunity of reverse cycle recruitment, laying the foundation for further localization.

2. The scale of overseas employment of Chinese enterprises is rising, which indicates that the degree of internationalization of Chinese enterprises has been improved. In the stage of going out to sea, Chinese enterprises move from “going out” to “going in”, accelerating the process of localization in the host country.

According to the research group, 88% of the enterprises need useful people overseas, and 34% of the enterprises interviewed said that there is a great demand for talents in the future.

3. Overseas Chinese enterprises pay more and more attention to talent development.

The survey shows that more than half of the enterprises (66%) have formulated special overseas talent strategies, which are characterized by high investment in overseas talents, diversified allocation of overseas talents, diversified recruitment channels for overseas talents, and emphasis on building the brand of overseas employers.

4. High salary is the primary reason for local people to choose to work in Chinese enterprises.

According to the market research in 17 countries (regions), the reason why local people choose to work in Chinese enterprises is that high salary is the most attractive, followed by good brand image and leading position in the industry. In addition, local people will also consider the cultural integration activities and technological capabilities of enterprises. It can be seen that local employees pay more attention to the improvement of office environment and professional ability.

5. The localization ability of overseas Chinese enterprises needs to be improved, and it is urgent to establish or improve the local human resource system.

The survey shows that there are generally “three lows” in the composition of overseas talents of Chinese Enterprises: the proportion of overseas employees is relatively low, the proportion of Overseas International (non Chinese) talents is relatively low, and the proportion of overseas medium and high-end talents is relatively low.

In addition, the difficulty of talent ability screening has become the biggest difficulty in overseas talent recruitment. Improving the ability of cross-cultural integration is the first problem of overseas talent management, and the change of visa policy is the first risk for overseas Chinese enterprises. These phenomena also reflect that Chinese enterprises need to establish or further improve the local human resource system.

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