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Machine vision is the most closely integrated artificial intelligence technology with industrial applications. Through the intelligent analysis of images, industrial equipment has the basic ability of recognition and analysis. With the gradual deepening of industrial digital and intelligent transformation and the gradual advance of intelligent manufacturing, industrial machine vision has gradually formed a large-scale industry, and gradually penetrated into various scenes of industrial production with the implementation of artificial intelligence technology in the industrial field.

Stable growth: in 2019, the global industrial machine vision market will reach about US $8 billion, an increase of about 3% compared with 2018, but the growth rate continues the downward trend that began in 2017. The scale of China’s industrial machine vision market is about 13.9 billion yuan, with a growth rate of about 4.8%, which is also the lowest in the past three years. However, the total volume continues to grow, and its share in the global market has increased.

In the future, with the increasing requirements of industrial control for accuracy and automation, 3D machine vision will play an important role in many “pain point application scenarios” and become one of the hottest technologies in intelligent manufacturing. The transformation from 2D to 3D will be the fourth breakthrough of vision technology after black and white to color, low resolution to high resolution, static image to dynamic image.

Investment value industrial machine vision technology value chain mainly focuses on lens, camera, image sensor and other core components. From the perspective of investment income, machine vision enterprises with the ability to expand to the upstream core components are easier to achieve a higher rate of return on capital.

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