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In the past 2019, the MCN industry has entered a new fork in the road. With the development of e-commerce live broadcasting, the major MCNS are pouring in one after another.

In the face of the problems such as the increasing policy strength of the platform, the constant multiple requirements of brands, and the internal disintegration and remodeling of MCN institutions, MCN institutions should continue to deepen the content and improve the basic ecology of MCN which has taken shape? Or to make new concepts and invest new resources to “de MCN” to realize the “de capping” of institutions?

Standing in front of the industry bifurcation, the choice of left to right also brings different challenges and opportunities.

Based on the changes in the MCN industry in 2019, Crowe Rui has a direct dialogue with 512 MCN institutions covering the head, middle and tail parts through field research, questionnaire survey and in-depth interview. Based on the development situation of various institutions in 2019, and from the main changes of MCN in 2019, internal and external evolution of institutions, platform layout, challenges faced and future trends, the white paper on the development of China’s MCN industry in 2020 was written.

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