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White paper on the development of “dual Gigabit Broadband City” in Shanghai From China Institute of information technology

The following is the White paper on the development of “dual Gigabit Broadband City” in Shanghai From China Institute of information technology recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: telecommunication industry , research report.

The white paper points out that the world has entered a new era of Gigabit networks, countries have accelerated the deployment process of Gigabit fixed networks, and 5g has become the key to Gigabit mobile networks. The Chinese government regards broadband network as a strategic public infrastructure, and strives to promote network construction and innovative application. At present, the strategy of “broadband China” has come to an end, and the comprehensive level of China’s broadband network is leading in the world. In recent years, focusing on the construction of “five centers”, Shanghai has continuously strengthened policy supply, vigorously promoted the construction of gigabit optical fiber fixed network and 5g network. The connection rate of fixed network has been leading for a long time, and the construction of 5g network has led the country. At the same time, Shanghai has also achieved remarkable results in the construction of international information hub, the transformation and upgrading of IPv6 network, and the construction of data center, taking the lead in building a dual Gigabit broadband city. In addition, on the basis of building “fiber fixed network + 5g” dual Gigabit network, Shanghai has actively built a high-speed, intelligent and ubiquitous application ecosystem, continuously promoted the innovative application of Gigabit Network in various fields of economic development, people’s life and urban governance, and realized the deep empowerment of thousands of industries.

Looking forward to the future, digital development will continue to accelerate during the “14th five year plan”. As an important infrastructure, Gigabit network will provide more powerful support for high-quality development, and its own development will also undergo new changes. Shanghai needs to grasp the strategic opportunity of the development of the new generation of information technology, give full play to its own advantages, continue to deepen the construction of double Gigabit Broadband City, build a global new generation of information infrastructure benchmark City, and accelerate the urban digital transformation.

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