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White paper on the development of Hainan blockchain industry in 2021 From Fire Chain Technology Research Institute

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In recent years, the global competition around the blockchain technology is fierce, and many countries have laid out the blockchain industry in order to occupy this technological highland. With its unique technical advantages, blockchain technology is profoundly changing the way and mode of global economic operation and becoming one of the core infrastructures in the future development of digital economy. Under this background, white paper 2021 of Hainan blockchain industry development combs the development of Hainan blockchain industry in order to promote the healthy and rapid development of Hainan blockchain industry.

From an international perspective, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and other countries have carried out policies and landing Application Layout in the field of industrial blockchain; from the perspective of domestic blockchain development, since 2019, the provincial level has launched competition in the development of blockchain industry, and more than 20 provinces have continuously increased the blockchain field in their work reports and special plans, in order to achieve breakthrough in the development of blockchain industry Broken.

In the context of constantly changing international economy, in 2018, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the “guidance on supporting Hainan to comprehensively deepen reform and opening up” through the top-level design. Hainan Province seized the opportunity and timely proposed to build Hainan into a highland of global blockchain application. In 2019, it further proposed the “chain south” plan. Under the background of favorable policies, the development of Hainan’s blockchain industry has stepped into a fast lane. The total number of registered blockchain enterprises in Hainan ranks the fifth in China after Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces. From only 58 new enterprises in 2013 to 2946 new enterprises in 2020, Hainan’s blockchain industry has made obvious progress. The related enterprises are mainly concentrated in information service industry, entertainment industry, leasing and business service industry, accounting for 51%, 20% and 16% respectively, which is consistent with the development direction of 12 key industries in Hainan Province. Based on the four dimensions of blockchain distributed ledger technology, value transmission network system, integral incentive and asset digitization, and combined with the local characteristics of Hainan Province, this paper analyzes the necessity of blockchain application in digital identity, intellectual property, supply chain finance and other fields.

In order to further analyze the development status of Hainan’s blockchain industry, combined with the first-hand data and third-party data from the independent research of fire chain science and Technology Research Institute, we find that the proportion of non blockchain enterprises in Hainan is 68%, while the proportion of blockchain enterprises is only 10%. There is an obvious gap between the two. In addition, in terms of industrial development and R & D efforts, there is a significant gap According to our survey data, Hainan blockchain enterprises think that the importance of the challenges they are facing is as follows: 35% lack of professionals, 26% lack of technical difficulties, 22% lack of financial support, 8% need more policy support, 6% need to further optimize business environment and 3% others.

Finally, based on the problems reflected by the survey data, this paper proposes that Hainan should provide a good industrial ecological development environment for the development of Hainan’s blockchain industry through government policy support, the use of industry organizations to establish industry standards, and accurate support in terms of people, finance and materials According to the actual situation of Hainan, it is suggested that Hainan should make use of the blockchain technology in six areas, namely government affairs, tourism, agriculture, port shipping, cross-border e-commerce and the construction of Hainan characteristic blockchain regulatory sandbox, so as to provide corresponding experience for comprehensively promoting the development of Hainan blockchain industry in the future and help the development of Hainan blockchain industry.

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