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In 2019, affected by the weakness of the new energy vehicle market in China and the United States, the growth rate of global electric vehicle production and sales will slow down significantly, and the driving effect on the growth of power batteries will be weakened significantly. The global mobile phones, laptops, tablet computers and other major end products will gradually approach the “ceiling”, and the demand for lithium-ion batteries in the consumer market will enter a stable period. The global and domestic lithium-ion battery industry has entered a stable development stage. The competition among China, Japan and South Korea continues to be stable. The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the global layout of leading enterprises is accelerating.

Technological innovation has become the focus of competition among major enterprises. The energy density of lithium-ion battery cells continues to improve, the group technology has made a breakthrough, the rapid charging technology has been fully applied, the industrialization of solid-state batteries has accelerated, the production scale has continued to expand, and the price has continued to decline, laying the foundation for the expansion and development of lithium-ion batteries. With the rapid development of new battery technologies such as metal battery and lithium sulfur battery, fuel cell has once again become the focus of attention in various countries. However, due to the factors such as price and scale, it is difficult to threaten the absolute dominant position of lithium-ion battery in the short term.

Under this situation, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute has compiled the white paper on the development of lithium ion battery industry (2020), which comprehensively combs the development of domestic and foreign lithium ion battery industry in 2019, introduces the development of international giants and backbone enterprises in China, analyzes major events in the global industry, and studies and judges the development trend of the industry in 2020.

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