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White paper on the development of small program Internet in 2020 From Disney’s Aladdin

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Trend 1: consumers and enterprises are “mentally” mature, and the scale of small program transactions in the whole network will exceed 4.5 trillion in 2021

With the change of consumer behavior, the business philosophy of enterprises and businesses is also undergoing a fundamental change. Accelerating the online, social and digital operation has become a necessary option for enterprises and businesses. As a necessary linker of online and digital economy, small programs will continue to expand their development space in the future, and the speed of rapid development will not stop. Therefore, it is estimated that in 2021, the transaction scale of small programs in the whole network will exceed 4.5 trillion, of which the transaction scale of wechat small programs will exceed 3.5 trillion; the number of small programs in the whole network will exceed 7.5 million, of which the number of wechat small programs will exceed 4.5 million.

Source: Aladdin Research Institute( )

Trend 2: wechat function iteration will be further accelerated, and small programs will become the core carrier of social commercialization

According to the data statistics of Aladdin statistical platform, wechat app currently has nearly 100 entry points, which is the most advantageous path to carry wechat commercialization. The future small program will further improve the functional links with video frequency, WeChat store, search and official account, and create a perfect commercial closed loop. In 2021, it will become a new step and new turning point in the development of the small program economy circle.

Trend 3: small programs will cover more enterprises and focus on three directions to help enterprises complete digital transformation

In 2020, under the internal and external pressure of the economy, many enterprises begin to rush to layout digital plans and projects to catch up with the digital progress. It is estimated that more than 80% of enterprises will invest in digital construction in the future, and the whole industry coverage of small programs will exceed 60%. In 2021, small programs will help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation in three aspects: traffic expansion and acquisition, user insight and retention, and commercial cash flow.

Trend 4: direct sales of brand DTC continue to enter small programs at a high speed, providing new opportunities for entrepreneurs

China’s younger generation of consumers access to information from the Internet, search engines, video sites, social media and so on. The direct market share of Chinese brand DTC is far underestimated. It is estimated that the market share will reach more than 30% in 2021, driven by the entrepreneurs of brand DTC.

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