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The term “virtual digital human” originated from the “visible human project” (yhp) launched by the National Library of medicine in 1989. In 2001, the concept of “digital virtual human body” was put forward in the 174th Symposium of Xiangshan Science Conference with the theme of “scientific and technological problems of digital virtual human body in China”.

These “virtual digital human” mainly refers to the visualization of human body structure, which displays the size, shape, position of human anatomical structure and the spatial relationship between organs in three-dimensional form, that is, to realize the digitization of human anatomical structure by using human body information. It is mainly used in the teaching of human anatomy and clinical diagnosis and treatment in the medical field.

Different from the digital human body in the medical field mentioned above, the virtual digital human (hereinafter referred to as “digital human”) analyzed in this paper refers to the virtual human with digital shape. Unlike robots with entities, virtual digital human relies on display devices. Virtual digital human should have the following three characteristics:

First, the appearance of the owner, with specific features such as appearance, gender and personality;

Second, the behavior of the owner, with the ability to express with language, facial expressions and body movements;

The third is the owner’s thought, which has the ability to identify the external environment and interact with people.

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