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The new coronavirus is sweeping the world, and the world is facing the most serious economic recession since the great depression in 1930s. McKinsey has outlined a road to the future new normal for the leaders in its latest winter magazine “press the fast forward button to lead the new normal” in 2020, and discussed the five major trends of China’s economy accelerated due to the new epidemic situation, as well as 30 measures to help enterprises revive business and reshape the future. At the same time, based on the industry perspective, this paper analyzes how to deal with the crisis in nearly ten sub areas, points out the way to survive in the crisis and the road to recovery after the crisis, and how to find new opportunities to maintain sustainable development.

This book can be referred and read by enterprise managers.

Chief editors: Nick Leung, Joseph Luc Ngai, Jonathan Woetzel, Glenn Leibowitz and Lin Lin

“Some enterprises regard survival as their only goal in the short term, while some enterprises look for a way out in the fog and actively think about their own positioning after the arrival of the next new normal. The question is, “what will the new normal look like in the future?” No one knows how long the crisis will last, but the world after the crisis will be different. “

When the global financial crisis broke out 11 years ago, Ian Davis, then McKinsey’s global president, wrote this. It still seems to be applicable today, but the risks and challenges brought by the new coronavirus are more severe. The world is facing the most serious economic recession since the great depression in the 1930s. Even now, the global epidemic is still spreading, and the road of human anti epidemic is still long. As Kevin sneader, McKinsey’s current global president, put it, “the new crown crisis is far from over and may even be in the early stages of a pandemic.”

Tribulations are all cultivation, destruction is creation. In a sense, the crisis that began with the new coronavirus indicates that the old normal may no longer exist and the new order may be rebuilt. In any case, the world can never go back. With the theme of “press the fast forward button to pilot the new normal”, this book attempts to answer the question: how should we deal with this crisis? What will the next new normal look like?

New normal in the future

In the opening “future new normal” topic, the author pointed out that the road to the next new normal needs to go through five stages: determination, resilience, recovery, reconstruction and change. For leaders, we can focus on the seven elements to think about the new normal of layout. At the same time, if enterprises want to seize the opportunity, they should set up a forward-looking team, use the five step action framework to guide the team, find a survival mode suitable for extremely uncertain environment, and finally win the race against time.

Restart and recovery

China was the first to be impacted by the epidemic, and also took the lead in the global economic recovery and social changes brought about by the epidemic. The topic of “restart and recovery” discusses five major trends of China’s economy accelerated by the new epidemic situation (digitization, reduced global dependence, intensified competition, increasingly mature consumers, emerging private enterprises and social organizations), as well as 30 measures to help enterprises revive their business and reshape the future. Enterprises can regard these 30 measures as a self-examination list of capabilities. The more and more powerful they have, the more they can resist the next crisis.

Industry “war” epidemic

In order to further analyze why China’s economy can lead out of the haze first, let’s turn our attention to the industry level. This book is a special topic of “industry war”, which can be regarded as the “prescription” given by McKinsey’s business departments to their respective industries and organizations. It covers enterprises from local governments to agriculture, animal husbandry, food, consumption, tourism, medical care, energy, finance and insurance, and discusses the way to survive in the crisis and the road to recovery after the crisis, as well as how to recover from the crisis How to inject fresh blood into sustainable development, and what new pattern the industry will usher in.

Digital acceleration

The new crown epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to China’s manufacturing industry: in the supply side, the short-term interruption of the industrial chain and supply chain has brought direct losses and restart costs to enterprises; in the demand side, the epidemic has changed customer demand, and the demand forecast based on historical trends is no longer accurate, making many manufacturing enterprises worse. In the “digital acceleration” project, four top manufacturing experts in China interpret the hot spots of China’s manufacturing industry from the perspectives of enterprise, University and research, and share their thoughts on the future of China’s manufacturing industry.

Four months ago, when the editorial board planned the topic of this book, we would not have thought that the number of confirmed cases in the world would be tens of millions, and the future would be full of uncertainty. All the past is a prelude and a new starting point for starting again. Choices and actions – countless decisions made by everyone, by every business, by every government and by every institution – will shape the future at a time when the whole world is undergoing dramatic changes. At a time when human civilization is challenged by viruses, we hope that this book can bring you thinking about the next new normal.

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