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World employment and social outlook in 2021 From International Labor Organization

The following is the World employment and social outlook in 2021 From International Labor Organization recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: global economy , research report.

The report points out that this growth highlights the need for international policy dialogue and regulatory cooperation in order to provide decent work opportunities and promote the growth of enterprises more sustainably.

The report points out that the digital labor platform is providing new job opportunities, including for women, the disabled, young people and those marginalized in the traditional labor market. The platform also allows enterprises to flexibly access a large labor group with various skills, while expanding the customer base.

The report focuses on two main types of digital labor platforms: Online network-based platforms, where tasks are performed by workers online and remotely; and designated location-based platforms, where tasks are performed by individuals in designated locations, such as taxi drivers and delivery workers.

The report is based on surveys and interviews of about 12000 workers and representatives from 85 enterprises in various sectors around the world.

According to the report, the challenges faced by workers in these platforms relate to working conditions, regularity and income, as well as lack of access to social protection, freedom of association and collective bargaining rights. Working hours are usually long and unpredictable. Half of online platform workers earn less than $2 an hour. In addition, there is a wide gender pay gap in some platforms.

Many companies face challenges associated with unfair competition, opaque data and pricing, and high commissions. It is also difficult for SMEs to obtain financial and digital infrastructure.

The International Labor Organization points out that the new opportunities created by the digital labor platform further weaken the obvious differences between previously employed employees and self-employed people. To a large extent, the terms of service agreements of the platform regulate the working conditions, which are usually determined unilaterally. Algorithms are gradually replacing human labor in the allocation and evaluation of work, as well as in the management and monitoring of staff.

As platforms cover multiple jurisdictions, coordinated policies are needed to ensure that they provide decent jobs and promote sustainable business growth, the report said.

International Labor Organization director general Ryder said that the digital labor platform is bringing unprecedented opportunities, especially for women, young people, the disabled and marginalized groups around the world. All workers, regardless of their employment status, must be able to exercise their basic rights at work.

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