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Wuhan in 2021 From Huge amount of calculation

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2020 tiktok was affected by special period in the new year. The video volume of Wuhan videos showed an upward trend in the volume of the sound, and the volume of its broadcast reached its peak in February 2020. The side reflected the special period of Wuhan affecting the hearts of the whole nation. After the first quarter of 2020, the broadcast volume has dropped, indicating that the impact of the special period on Wuhan is gradually dispersing.

Wuhan is such a strong and warm city.

In addition to the two words of Wuhan, the tiktok most commentary in 1 to April 2020 is “refueling”, “people”, “state”, “doctor” and so on. Here, we see the heroes going to the front line, the difficulties on one side, the support from all sides, and the influence of Wuhan on people’s hearts. People are shaking their voices to salute heroes tiktok and bless Wuhan.

A new understanding of Wuhan

When cherry blossoms bloom all over the earth, the delicious hot and dry noodles convey the beauty of Wuhan. It’s time to get to know Wuhan again.

In Wuhan, people love life, especially food, real estate, education and other topics“ Topics like delicacy in Wuhan, tiktok, Wuhan University and so on are widely discussed in the vibrato voice of Wuhan.

People tiktok on every aspect of Wuhan: the medical staff who go to the front without hesitation and the concern and refueling of the whole nation. Cherry blossom of Wuhan University is in full bloom, embellishing Wuhan with beautiful spring; So that Li Bai left the Yellow Crane Tower, which is “lonely sail, far shadow, blue sky, only see the Yangtze River flow in the sky”; There are long lines on the street, hot and dry noodle restaurants that will punch in when you come to Wuhan

In the famous scenic spots of Wuhan, such as Yellow Crane Tower Park, Wuhan Happy Valley and East Lake eco-tourism scenic spot, people’s laughter can be seen everywhere. The beautiful scenery decorates the city and lights up the life of Wuhan pedestrians.

Wuhan is such a city, where there are moving mountains and rivers, great and dedicated people, advanced educational resources and delicious food. Wuhan is not just what you saw in early 2020.

Cultural accumulation behind beauty

In addition to the beautiful mountains and rivers, the ancient pavilions and temples, and the traditional food that people yearn for, Wuhan has another charming side – Wuhan’s characteristic traditional culture. The rich types of characteristic intangible cultural heritage in Wuhan can be seen from the following figure:

Tiktok, tiktok, Hubei opera and performances of Chinese opera are the most characteristic of Wuhan’s intangible cultural heritage. They are widely disseminated in the vibrato and become a charming name card of Wuhan.

In the past year, many legends and stories have been written here, and many moving beauties have also been brought.

In today’s Wuhan, cherry blossoms are blooming all over the land, hot and dry noodles are fragrant. When we look back at Wuhan, the heroes will always be remembered here. The rising fireworks have filled the city again, and the city is still full of hope.

Wuhan is still beautiful, Wuhan will always be beautiful.

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