Cloud database challenges traditional IT system and AWS ushers in a bigger market From Amazon re: invest 2020 observation 1

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The following is the Cloud database challenges traditional IT system and AWS ushers in a bigger market From Amazon re: invest 2020 observation 1 recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: IaaS, PaaS, SAAS.

In Andy Jassy’s three hour keynote speech, there are a few impressive figures.

It took more than a decade to go from $0 to $10 billion, and from $30 billion to $46 billion in just one year

Looking back on the development history of AWS, in terms of revenue, AWS spent 123 months to achieve the scale of revenue of 10 billion US dollars, spent 23 months to achieve the next 10 billion US dollars, 13 months to reach 30 billion US dollars, only 12 months to grow from 30 billion US dollars to 46 billion US dollars, and the time of each 10 billion dollars growth is shortening. AWS is growing on a super large base, with an annual growth rate of 29%.

Thanks to the vigorous development of cloud computing and the strong growth of AWS business in SaaS, IAAs and PAAS layers of cloud computing. AWS has leapt to the fifth place in the global enterprise it ranking, and has been ahead of Oracle and SAP.

Cloud computing only accounts for 4% of global IT market share

Although cloud computing has swept the entire IT market in more than a decade, from the data point of view, cloud computing only accounts for 4% of the global IT market share. In the field of cloud computing, according to gartne’s report on global public cloud IAAs and PAAS market share in 2019 released by gartne in August 2020, AWS accounts for 45% of the market share. Andy Jassy believes that most of the computing is moving to the cloud, and indeed AWS is facing more growth potential in the next decade or two.

The epidemic situation in 2020 also promotes more enterprises to migrate from traditional it to the cloud. As the Chinese Internet community mocks itself, China’s traditional Internet has begun to be replaced by the emerging Internet. The traditional IT system is also further disintegrating, and the trend of cloud computing is irresistible.

350000 databases have been migrated to AWS

According to Andy Jassy’s data, 350000 databases have been migrated to AWS, which surprised many analysts.

In fact, it has been growing explosively since 2019. In 2019 alone, 200000 databases will be transferred to the cloud, more than the total of 2016-2018, including Samsung Electronics and Dow Jones.

The landmark event came from AWS itself. In October 2019, Amazon’s consumer business has officially completed the migration of Oracle databases. Nearly 7500 Oracle databases and 75pb level databases have been migrated to AWS cloud database services, including Amazon dynamodb, Amazon Aurora, Amazon relational database service (Amazon RDS, Amazon redshift, etc.).

In July 2020, Samsung Electronics has migrated more than 1.1 billion users’ databases to Amazon Aurora cloud database.

In this year’s Amazon re: invent keynote speech, Andy Jassy mentioned some important trends in databases, which is another round of challenges that cloud databases have launched on traditional IT systems in the next few years.

The pain point of database has been troubling enterprises, because the database is difficult to manage, enterprises need to employ a large number of database professionals to do the setting, patching, tuning, fault tolerance and other work. As early as ten years ago, AWS released the managed database service, which is very popular with enterprises. Despite the rapid growth of RDS relational database service, most relational databases are still local. Traditional commercial database providers, such as Microsoft and Oracle, have expensive products, which make it more difficult for customers to use them because they are proprietary. Enterprises need to constantly invest human and financial resources to build a strong and professional database team. Customers are rapidly switching to the open database engine MySQL server, but it is still very difficult. AWS launched Amazon aurora in this context.

Andy Jassy said, “Aurora is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL. It is specially built for the cloud. It has very strong performance availability and can match the high-end commercial database with a much lower cost. It can be said that Aurora is the fastest growing cloud service in the history of AWS. There are more than 100000 users using Aurora, such as airbnb, AstraZeneca, BP, BP, BP, CBS, etc. why is Aurora growing so fast and people like this service so much? Because we constantly listen to the voice of our customers and put their feedback on our product development. “

AWS has strengthened the server free architecture to support aurora and built Aurora severless, which can realize automatic configuration, automatically set aurora for customers, and realize automatic expansion within 5-50 seconds. When needed, the capacity can be doubled.

This time, Amazon re: invent and AWS released a new generation of Amazon Aurora serverless. Amazon Aurora serverless V2 can be expanded to support hundreds of thousands of transactions in less than one second, which can save up to 90% of the cost compared with the method of resource allocation according to business peak demand.

At the same time, AWS announced babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL as a new feature of Amazon Aurora, which allows customers to run SQL server applications directly on Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL without changing their code. In addition, AWS shared plans for the babelfish for PostgreSQL open source project, which will use the relaxed Apache 2.0 license and will be released on GitHub. This series of innovations will make Amazon Aurora serverless more attractive to various workloads, and bring the advantages of Amazon aurora and PostgreSQL to more enterprise organizations.

According to Andy Jassy, babelfish for aurora is ready to register for use, and the open source project of babelfish for postgre will be launched in 2021.

From aurora to babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL, customers get rid of the common punitive business behaviors of traditional database suppliers. AWS has launched a further challenge to the traditional IT system. It can be predicted that more databases will be migrated to the cloud in the future. The market imagination space is huge, and AWS will also become the biggest winner. (Ralf) read more: the Shanghai station of AWS Technology Summit 2018 sets sail. It is expected that more than 50 technical forums and more than 6000 professionals will attend the meeting, which will be the highest in China. AWS announces that Amazon braket quantum computing service is officially launched. AWS China releases financial management services to make customers use cloud services more economically and efficiently. Zhang Xia: tensorflow 85% of the global load is on the AWS platform Development cost can be reduced by 54% for Amazon cloud service AWS marketplace “Reinventing” enterprise software SaaS journey: Shouqi car hailing and Amazon cloud service (AWS) jointly release the first customized intelligent voice solution for travel industry. Amazon cloud service (AWS) helps Toyota Internet to fully implement China’s Internet of vehicles service. Amazon cloud service (AWS) is officially launched in China. Two new file storage services, China kechuangda and Amazon cloud service (AWS) Accelerate the AI deployment of smart industry, fully integrate ADC system, Amazon sagemaker Gartner’s latest report suggests that enterprise customers learn from Amazon’s digital mode, Netease games choose AWS global infrastructure, and accelerate overseas market development from professional field to public domain AWS joins hands with China’s local travel giant Shouqi car Hailing Siemens (China) to build a new smart home system with Amazon cloud service (AWS). Amazon cloud service (AWS) comprehensively promotes innovative application of machine learning and deeply cultivates vertical industry. AWS China market ushers in rapid development

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