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In 2020, 64.82% of Google searches will end without any subsequent clicks From SimilarWeb

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Based on the data of jumpshot, a data stream provider (now closed), market research firm sparktoro found in August 2019 that 50.33% of Google searches did not click on any result content. Now, based on the latest data from similarweb, the number has further climbed to 64.82%.

From January to December 2020, 64.82% of Google’s searches (including desktop and mobile) end without clicking on any search result content and jump to other pages. This number is likely to be less than some mobile search and almost all voice search, so more than two-thirds of Google searches are so-called “zero click searches”.

However, it should be noted that the two data are not comparable, because the statistical methods and data collection of similarweb and jumpshot are different. Similarweb’s data comes from all over the world, while previously jumpshot’s data was limited to the United States. Moreover, similarweb covers both mobile and desktop devices, including apple / IOS devices (jumpshot does not).

Here is a summary of the similarweb data

● similarweb analyzes about 5.1 trillion Google searches in 2020

● these searches are from 100 million mobile and desktop devices

In these 5.1 trillion searches, 33.59% of the search results have users click to jump to other pages

1.59% of search results Click to jump to paid search results

● 64.82% of the search results did not follow-up click operation and did not jump to another website

On desktop devices, the click through rate caused by search is much higher (50.75% organic CTR, 2.78% paid CTR)

The proportion of zero hit search in mobile terminal is higher

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