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According to foreign media reports, this year is an unprecedented year. The world is facing a fatal epidemic, and the United States held the most controversial election in modern history. These things will dominate Internet search in 2020. On Wednesday, local time, Google released this year’s top search terms list.

“Election results” came first, followed by coronavirus and NBA legend Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash in January. In Google’s words, “top trending” refers to the highest traffic volume in a certain period of this year compared with last year.

Google is the world’s largest search engine and the most visited site on the Internet, so its hot search requests can give people a good idea of what they think in the past year. Last year’s search champion was Disney +, a streaming media service launched in November, and another hot search was nipsey hussle, a Los Angeles rapper known for her community service, who was killed last year.

It’s no surprise that election results are at the top of Google search. Coronavirus (Coronavirus) also dominates the Internet search. In addition, the terms related to the word – “coronavirus update” and “coronavirus symptoms” are the fourth and fifth search targets this year. As early as the outbreak, Google launched a coronavirus Center for its search engine to highlight statistics and detection information.

Here is the full list:

Search list

1. Election results

2. Coronavirus

3. Kobe Bryant

4. Coronavirus updates

5. Coronavirus symptoms

6. Zoom (video call software)

7. Who is winning the election

8. Naya Rivera

9. Chadwick boseman

10.PlayStation 5


1. Election results

2. Coronavirus

3. Stimulus checks

4. Unemployment

5. Iran (Iran)

6. Hurricane Laura

7. Super Tuesday

8. Stock market

9. Murder Hornet

10. Australia fires


1. Joe Biden

2. Kim Jong Un

3. Kamala Harris

4. Ryan Newman

5. Tom Hanks

6. Shakira

7. Tom Brady

8. Kanye West

9. Vanessa Bryant

10. Ghislaine Maxwell


1. Joe Biden

2. Kamala Harris

3. Boris Johnson

4. Pete buttigeg

5. Mike Bloomberg

6. Andrew Cuomo

7. Chris Christie

8. Mike Pence

9. Andrew Yang

10. Mitt Romney

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