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The survey shows that more than 80% of Americans basically believe in Google search From seoClarity

The following is the The survey shows that more than 80% of Americans basically believe in Google search From seoClarity recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Search Engines.

Seocrarity recently surveyed 1057 US residents about their trust in technology companies, and found that 72.5% of them believe that search engines and social media are responsible for “fact checking” the content on the platform.

For the well-known search engine Google, 21.4% of the people almost completely believe in Google’s search results, 81.8% of the people basically believe in Google’s search results. In terms of age, the older people have lower trust in Google. Another 50% believe that websites can control their position in Google search results.

In addition, 61.9% of people think that search engines and social media companies need more regulation, and 34.1% think that social media companies do not pay taxes in full. For social media platforms, about 40% of people don’t trust Facebook and tiktok.

The report also showed the respondents’ attitude towards the safety of technology products. Among them, 75% worried that technology companies would store health data collected from wearable technology, and 34% believed that smart speakers and voice assistants were not safe for children.

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