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Inspiration forever, open up territory From 2020 of hi tea

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New tea drink observation series 2 – Xicha 2020: inspired by “fantastic ideas”, the innovator of new tea drink combines salty cheese with natural tea aroma. It originated in the alleys of Jiangmen City in 2012, and has covered 61 cities in the world and opened 695 stores in eight years.

With a single store area of about 80-120 square meters, Xicha is the main store type in the first and second tier cities.

In 2018, it creatively launched a go store model of about 50 square meters, greatly improved the flat efficiency of single store, and formed an efficient urban development mode of “flagship stores brand, flexible go stores and enhanced coverage”.

At present, Xicha stores are concentrated in high-speed cities, accounting for nearly 95%; among them, South China has the highest density.

Adhering to the continuous iteration of “inspired tea”, we have been deeply working in the upstream of the supply chain to establish the industry standard leading R & D and quality assurance “inspired forever”. Xicha has built its own comprehensive laboratory with a R & D team of about 20 people. In 2020, one new product will be launched every 1.2 weeks on average; at the same time, Xicha maintains the optimization and polishing of classic products to improve consumer stickiness with excellent product strength.

Xicha has been deeply engaged in the upstream of the supply chain. In 17 years, it has built 500 mu of organic tea garden, and obtained the organic product certification in May 20. Its self-developed strawberry varieties are expected to be on the market in 21 years. Xicha continuously strengthens the advantages of supply chain, promotes standardization and scale, and creates flexible and agile supply chain capability.

Build a new digital benchmark of tea, consumer preferences health trend is obvious, small program order leader, digital improve operation efficiency. In 17 years, Xi tea supply chain began to enter the era of digital management. Through the ERP system, the whole process of standardized operation was realized, and the operation efficiency was greatly improved. In the past 18 years, the app “Hi tea go” has been online, gathering a large number of users; under the epidemic situation, online consumption habits have been further consolidated, and about 81% of consumers choose to place orders online. At present, the number of APP members has exceeded 35 million, with an increase of 13 million. At the same time, in terms of consumer preferences, afternoon tea is the biggest consumption scene, and the healthy preferences such as less sugar and zero calorie sugar are also significantly improved.

Brand potential energy drives business innovation and covers the new tea ecology in multiple ways. In April of 20 years, xixiaocha, a sub brand with a price below 20 yuan, was officially launched, with the positioning of “good to drink, inexpensive and qualified materials”, continuing the sense of creativity of Xicha stores. Different from the direct operation of Xicha, xixiaocha will be open to join. By the end of the 20th century, xixiaocha had opened 18 stores in six cities, including Shenzhen and Guangzhou, with the highest monthly sales of 610000.

Within 20 years, the flagship stores of hicha tmall and Jingdong will go online together, and vigorously expand the retail product line, including “hixiaoping” bubble water, bagged tea bags, etc. In the past 20 years, Gmv has made its debut in double 11, during which Gmv has exceeded 10 million; the sales volume of hi small bottle bubble water has exceeded 40000 cases and 500000 bottles, ranking the top three in wanghong bubble water.

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