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Research on the development of Hainan free trade port and suggestions on financial support From Minyin think tank

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Hainan Province has entered a new period of comprehensively deepening reform and opening up with the construction of free trade port as the main task. Since the establishment of Hainan Province and special economic zone in 1988, Hainan has experienced the initial stage of development in exploration, the new stage of opening up marked by the establishment of Boao Forum for Asia, the stable growth period driven by the construction of international tourism island and the new period of building a free trade port. Hainan has a unique geographical location and resource and environmental advantages, but there are also shortcomings such as relatively weak economic foundation, relatively backward comprehensive strength and openness.

The overall plan for the construction of Hainan free trade port marks that the construction of Hainan free trade port with Chinese characteristics has entered the stage of full implementation. The plan defines the development objectives of three stages, and makes specific arrangements for the free flow of goods trade, investment, cross-border capital flow, personnel in and out, transportation and data security, as well as the modern industrial system, tax system, social governance, rule of law system, risk prevention and control system, etc All of them exceeded the market expectation.

The development experience of major free trade ports in the world can be used for reference. The development experience of Hong Kong free port is mainly reflected in trade facilitation, investment liberalization, financial liberalization and commercial facilitation; the development experience of Singapore free trade port is mainly reflected in free trade facilitation, open and transparent investment, developed financial freedom and loose business environment; the development experience of Dubai free trade zone is mainly reflected in management norms, investment facilitation, financial freedom and business environment Tax incentives.

One belt, one road for China’s financial development, is to support Hainan’s development of the free trade port. Hainan should focus on building a regional international financial centre based on the FTA, Southern China based, leading the whole country, serving the China ASEAN Free Trade Area and the “one belt and one road” initiative. In order to achieve the above strategic positioning, first, optimize the financial ecological environment, build a modern financial regulatory system suitable for the development of Hainan’s financial industry, establish an institutional system linked with international investment and trade rules, and speed up the improvement of financial infrastructure construction; second, improve the financial supply system, improve the layout of the financial industry, cultivate and expand new financial formats, and build Hainan’s self financing system The third is to implement supporting measures, prudently and orderly expand the level of opening up of the financial industry, give full play to the role of policy support and guidance, and introduce high-end financial talents to the world.

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