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The key to the rise of made in China From Industrial software

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Recommended logic 1: the only country with complete industrial system in the world, with an industrial software penetration rate of only 5.73%, facing 100 billion market space

Throughout the world, industrial software giants are born in industrial manufacturing powers. As the only country with complete industrial system in the world, China has the foundation for the birth of global industrial software giants. In 2019, the revenue of China’s industrial software products is 168 billion yuan, and the market scale only accounts for 5.73% of the global market, which is far lower than the 28.4% of the global industrial output scale, so the penetration rate has a very large space to improve.

Recommendation logic 2: “weak engineering software” plus “less high-end software” status quo, China’s industrial software core technology needs to be broken through

The status quo of domestic industry: “strong management software, weak engineering software, more low-end software, less high-end software”. R & D Software (1-3 billion) – production control software (5-10 billion) – management and operation software (10-30 billion).

Localization core: the core technology needs to be broken through. At present, the localization rate of R & D and design software is the lowest (5% – 10%), followed by production management and control software (50% of middle and low end, 30% of high end), and management and operation software is the highest (70% of middle and low end, 40% of high end).

Recommended logic 3: industrial software has “process incompressible characteristics”, 30 years of competition, with dozens of times of growth space

The essence of industrial software is the software of industrial knowledge, which has the characteristics of “incompressible process”. Overseas giants such as Siemens and Dassault have a market value of more than 50 billion US dollars. They grow up with the rise of European, American and Japanese industries. After long-term know-how precipitation, they pursue excellence and become industry giants.

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