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The following is the 2020 ecological report on Kwai Fu drama recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Short video.

Kwai Fu theatre contains over 20000 short plays.

There are more than 2500 short plays with broadcast volume exceeding 100 million, nearly 1200 short play writers and over 1 million fans, over 30 short play writers and over 10 million fans

Audience: watching drama is also watching life

Women are the first group to watch the drama

How busy are the “top executives” who are shuttling in short plays in the 00 Kwai Fu drama?

Who are the popular heroes in the Kwai?

Author: from powder absorption to gold absorption

The writers of the Kwai Fu drama were 71% after 90 and 00.

The city’s Kwai Fu drama plays 74%.

In April this year, -10 Kwai Fu drama writers grew by 18%.

Suspense and city are the topics with the fastest growth in the number of authors, such as paid watching, live broadcasting and brand marketing

IP cooperation, MCN How can Kwai Fu opera open multiple gold digs?

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