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Kwai Kwai Kwai, Professor of Journalism and communication, Tsinghua University, and the fast hand magnetic engine jointly released the 2020 fast user and marketing report, with the three dimensions of quick content, social networking and business as the incision, and creatively put forward the concept of “nebula ecology”. Professor Shenyang vividly interpreted the report at the scene, and pointed out that the Kwai Fu ecosystem is experiencing new audio-visual, new gravity, new balance, new cycle and new paradigm.

1, creative explanation of “Kwai Yun ecology”.

With the further deepening of 5g, VR and other technologies, the network audio-visual industry ushered in industrial transformation and entered the era of audio-visual integration. The new traffic brought by “short video + live broadcast” is becoming a new battlefield for all parties. Facing the new challenges and challenges, the content and social interaction of Kwai Tai platform have become the two core elements of the new media ecology. The real and warm temperament of its platform is playing an important role in short video and live broadcast.

As an old user who uses fast hands since 2016, Professor Kwai based on the background of industry change, combined with his own feelings, put forward three theories of post video epidemic in short video live broadcasting, namely acceleration theory, index theory and compensation theory. On the compensation theory, Professor Shenyang explained: “when life is anxious and in a hurry, we need to look at poetry and the distance. This kind of compensation realized by watching “other people’s lives” is virtual compensation for reality, emotional compensation for rationality, and even more compensation for personal dreams. ” On the fast track platform, more and more users are using the high holography of short video to socialize, record reality, find Kwai, embrace life, and warm you and me.

It is worth noting that this report innovatively proposes the concept of “nebula ecology”, giving a new interpretation to the ecological mode of Kwai Tai platform. Professor Shenyang said in his speech: “we talk about Kwai soon today, and call it Nebula ecology”. We know that the nebula comes from the universe. According to the new insights from three aspects of content, social interaction and business, the Kwai Tai platform has shown the following characteristics: content diversification, social cohesion, traffic distribution and interactive circle, which are very compatible with the connotation of the “nebula” image.


The report points out that the core feature of “nebula ecology” is diversity and soul. Thousands on thousands of thousands on thousands of people in the Kwai Fu, we saw thousands of interesting lives. Shenyang professor said.

The report shows that the Kwai Tai platform focuses on six categories of entertainment accounts: entertainment, talent, emotion, life and value. Besides, design sense, story power and entertainment sense are more reflected in Kwai Fu’s creative content, stimulating emotional resonance with real content and showing high perceptual ability.

The report analyzed 25 anchor anchors and fans of 5 vertical classes on the Kwai. It found that in vertical content, gender and vertical classes were significantly related. Female users were more concerned about the clothing market, and male users were more concerned about 3C and the automotive market. It is worth noting that the male group also pays high attention to the beauty field, with 30.55 million fans in the vertical category, which is only lower than 2.179 million in the female group.

In addition, the report points out that the era of no beauty is coming. Whether it’s Tibetan elder brother Ding Zhen who has been on fire recently, or Li Xiaogang, a “construction site poet” who recites without a filter, the sense of reality has strengthened their ordinary and extraordinary contrast impact. Obviously, it has become a general trend to abandon the beauty filter and have a sincere dialogue with fans in a more realistic state.

03. High viscosity social properties reveal temperature

From the social point of view, the social intercourse in Nebula ecology has the characteristics of high viscosity, temperature, surrounding and decentralization. Professor Shenyang believes that “the principle of inclusive flow is very important for the creation of nebula ecology. In the world of traffic, we not only need the voice of big V, but also need to listen to the voice of ordinary people, so that ordinary people have the opportunity to find their niche on the audio-visual platform.”

The report points out that the interaction between Kwai anchor and fans can make the anchor have a certain personal appeal, and distributed traffic distribution helps to break the Matthew effect, thus providing the opportunity for each anchor to realize its self value.

From the point of view of motivation and social preference, Kwai users choose to watch short videos mainly based on the personal charm and personal emotional satisfaction of the anchors, while the message comments are mainly due to the anchors’ preferences, while the high praise commentaries in the specific videos are mainly based on commodity consultation and anchor interaction, and most of the users are female.

4 Kwai Kong business to create “true cash”

With the content of temperature and the social interaction of high viscosity, Kwai has formed a business model of “true realisation”. Kwai Kwai has also explored new changes in the value-added business of fast business. Many brands have changed their value from quick to useful, from useful to common, and to interesting. This kind of appreciation is based on real feelings, real content and real scenes.

Kwai Kwai report shows that the fast DAU foundation is built up a solid business base, forming real feelings, real life, real scenes, real traffic, and realizing direct and efficient business transformation.

With the help of emotional links between the anchor and the fans, the model establishes a trust relationship, forms stickiness in the live interaction, integrates the front and back scenes, intuitively displays products, optimizes the efficiency of matching people and goods, creates exclusive activities, and helps the brand out of the circle with the influence of the head anchor and the platform, and finally realizes the direct and indirect transformation of direct and efficient business.

It is worth noting that “trust consumption” is the core driving force for Kwai Tai platform’s huge expansion of e-commerce transactions. The trust of anchors / creators can effectively stimulate consumer desire, and users are more willing to buy relevant products under the recommendation of anchor / creator. In terms of brand promotion, product information, activity discounts, and activity / shopping links are the main content users want to see. Favorable information such as more advantageous prices and simpler consumption links can effectively stimulate the audience to click on advertisements and release strong purchasing signals.

5 five characteristics of “refreshing hands”, Kwai Kwai magnetic engine shows unlimited possibilities.

The characteristics of nebula ecology have a significant impact on the content, social and business interaction of Kwai Tai platform, making the three formed an organic symbiotic structure and facilitating the content and social empowerment of Commerce. In the 9 years of the rapid development of Kwai Chi, the “nebula ecology” also presents nine new features: new audio-visual, new gravity, new balance, new cycle and new paradigm. In the past 9 years,

“With the advent of VR and AR, our holographic ability to the objective world will be stronger, and the advertising and cashing ability of short videos will undoubtedly be stronger. In the future, when artificial intelligence, big data and perceptual content are combined, we will have better insight and recommend suitable products to the right people. ” Professor Shenyang said.

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