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2020 Kwai Tai cosmetics industry data value report From Magnetic number

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In just three years, Hua Xizi, from a nameless native place to a pioneer of Guochao, stepped on the stage of CCTV. From infancy to strong rise, the perfect diary stands on the stage of ringing the bell. Panic buying Kwai Tai super brand day special event, which triggered more than 10 million old fellow shopping, and finally concluded 16 million 80 thousand, and 200 thousand of the fans. As a huge entrance of consumer trust, Kwai Fu always helps make-up brands transform their content influence into commercial potential and witness their continuous success. In 2020 7-12, the purchasing power of the old fellow Kwai Tong iron and steel company continued to be released, and the consumption of cosmetics and all kinds of products increased rapidly. The number of make-up buyers increased by 29.7% and the total consumption of cosmetics increased by 39.5%.

Key points

◾ User active: Kwai Fu makeup users active, love to see make-up content, hi search cosmetics brand and tutorial recommended. ◾ Consumption explosion: purchasing power continues to release and consumption is increasing rapidly ◾ Healthy Ecology: the consumption of all kinds of cosmetics is growing rapidly, showing a sustainable development driven product structure ◾ Women are the core group and maintain a stable growth, while women have strong purchasing power and high growth rate ◾ Z generation is the best leader. Foundation, eye shadow and lipstick are favorite.

◾ Mature population accelerated overdrive, and Concealer products grew faster. High maturity population has stronger ability of commodity unit price

◾ The number of color makeup creators continues to grow, the theme is rich, and the content is growing rapidly

◾ The relationship between creators and fans is close, and the reward income is increasing

◾ Under the trust economy, makeup creators have stronger ability to bring goods

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