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Preface: in 2017, we released the first short video industry in-depth report short video: for mobile. Reviewing the research conclusions in the report and the industry development in the past four years, we found that although the industry growth and commercialization expectations were fulfilled on schedule, the industry competition pattern was quite different from the current judgment. Industry growth has its own external environment and inevitable law, but the growth of enterprises is more dependent on managers’ strategy and their own ability endowments. Therefore, this study focuses on the upcoming technology to explore the growth logic that Kwai Chung has risen in the past 10 years:

1. Two key leaps: tool to social, social to ecological. Kwai Rui is a tool for making GIF dynamic diagrams and sharing tools. Tools are easy to get early in the industry, but they generally have short stay time and poor liquidity. There are two main directions in the application of tools: 1) transforming the information production tools represented by Kwai Kwai into a content community with community attributes; fast hand broadcasting, e-commerce and advertising cash flow are the exploration of social realisation; 2) extend the information and communication production tools with the information of the “Dao” and “ink” weather. At present, three typical social ecology — Based on communication, based on content and based on vertical interest — are respectively at the bottom, waist and top of the social pyramid. The closer to communication, the larger the user base, but the longer the cash flow path; the closer to interest, the narrower the user base, but the shorter the cash flow path. Kwai Tong social ecology is a typical content social ecology, with barriers lower than instant messaging represented by WeChat, but the realization path is shorter and has the ability to break the circle of vertical interest communities.

2. Live reward: market harvest under scale advantage. Kwai Kwai live service business started in 2016, and is the highest proportion of company’s income. The fast hand is able to reach the maturity stage in the live broadcast industry. The main reason for the reharvesting market is the realization of short video social value: on the one hand, short video becomes the biggest entertainment form of mobile users, on the other hand, short video sticky is higher than live broadcast, and single user is longer when used. More than live, can achieve internal diversion. However, the growth rate of 20H1 Kwai live reward business users monthly payment households and the decline of ARPU value, or indicate that the reward business has been partly diverted from the rapid growth of the direct seeding business of the same period.

3. Live e-commerce: the first card under the industry dividend. Compared with traditional shelf e-commerce, live content e-commerce achieves incremental value from “end demand” to “create demand”. In the whole trading chain, we should start with the commodity supply exceeding the demand. The fast hand can be based on its sinking user advantage and social barriers to fast card industry. The current monetization rate of Kwai Kwai electric providers is still at a low level, the platform has been more incentive to host anchors and businesses, and the monetization rate is expected to rise in the long run.

4. Marketing service: value release under algorithm distribution. The direct reason for the rapid growth of fast advertising marketing is the result of continuous optimization of advertising products. The rapid version of the Kwai Kwai version and the 8 version of the update are expected to bring new increments. The main reason why the advertising revenue of short video platform is significantly higher than that of other media is that the efficiency of algorithm distribution is higher than that of traditional media in the long run, and the distribution efficiency directly determines the size of users and the length of use. We expect that with the Kwai’s continuous optimization of product and distribution algorithms, the value of follow-up advertising is expected to be released quickly.

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