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2020 tiktok KOL ecology study From Cass data

The following is the 2020 tiktok KOL ecology study From Cass data recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Short video, research report.

In 2020, the track of short video content creation will continue to “cool down”. For example, the 3 tiktok is:

1、 The total growth rate of active accounts (number of fans ≥ 10W, number of monthly change videos ≥ 1) declined: from 147% in 2019 to 92%, and the total growth rate in the second half of 2020 was further slowed down compared with the first half of the year;

2、 In 2020, only six accounts have achieved a monthly increase of 10 million plus, with media and government accounts removed, and KOL accounts account for only two seats. They are @ Yilu qianweizi and @ Dao Xiaodao SAMA. There are only 38 accounts with a monthly increase of 5-10 million, of which 26 are KOL accounts (the actual number after weight removal is 18). They are distributed in many content tracks, such as film / entertainment, plot / funny, food, car, beauty and so on, showing a trend of extreme segmentation, with film and television entertainment @ poisonous tongue movies being the most frequently repeated on the list;

3、 The life cycle of celebrities is further shortened: it is not difficult to find that only 16.52% of the top 1500 accounts with the fastest growth rate in each month in 2020 can be listed more than three times, and more than 80% of the accounts are “red” for only three months.

At the same time, CASS also found that the phenomenon of “permanent” stop of millions of accounts is more common, among which the plot / funny accounts are the most obvious.

The status quo mentioned above is by no means the “short-term pain” of short-term video content creation. With the disappearance of demographic dividend of short-term video, this may be a permanent state that creators have to face.

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