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In 2020, short video has become one of the important scenes for users to obtain information. And this year, with the suspension of offline gathering activities, the travel industry has been hit hard, unable to meet the needs of the public travel. With the help of short video, live broadcast and other new tools, the travel industry has achieved a new life in the digital world.

A new perspective: overlooking nature and looking around China

In the process of urbanization, residents gather in cities and cities catch up with each other at a higher level, while the eyes of residents look to more distant and primitive places. Tiktok travel interest city crowd in high and medium speed cities, data show that residents’ attention to travel is higher with the increase of city level. When the body is limited by work, life and environment, and trapped between steel and cement, the natural landscape is precious. The first tier cities have the most modern environment, and more urban residents are looking forward to travel.

In 2020 local customs and practices were stopped by the haze. People stopped at home and became close to nature and experienced local customs. The tiktok became the eyes of users and opened cloud travel with users in short video and live broadcast. In the process of cloud travel, people follow the beautiful natural scenery and appreciate the charm of human landscape. Whether it is as grand as mountains and seas, or as small as stone shells, every natural lens is worth collecting.

In 2020, China tiktok launched the project. The master and the official of the scenic spot were 55 broadcast, providing grass seeds for users through short videos and live broadcast. Among them, the topic of “lighting up 18 famous towers” has been broadcast for more than 100 million. On the night of the Dragon Boat Festival, 18 famous Chinese buildings such as the Yellow Crane Tower and Yueyang Tower light up at the same time to light up the land of China, pray for the peace of the country and the people, and pay homage to the “retrograde heroes”.

New fashion video clock out

Finding short videos to do homework is a necessary preparation for people to travel. Accordingly, it has become a new trend to go through beautiful places, take videos, mark geographic information, and submit contributions with POI videos. Tiktok daily attendance exceeded seven hundred million from November 2019 to November 2020.

Ding Zhen’s rapid popularity with “plateau smile” also implies the inevitable logic behind it. In 2020, more tiktok videos were seen in the year of the year. With the suspension of offline gathering activities, the travel industry, especially urban tourism and outbound tourism, has been seriously hit. Correspondingly, the domestic and low-density regional scenery began to be hot, and the more open mountains, the more quiet small cities, and the more original ecological no man’s land were welcomed.

Popular cultural landscapes have also shown great differences in the past two years. In 2019, the videos of popular cultural landscapes will bring users into the crowd to see the interaction between people in close range. In 2020, the videos will take us out of the interpersonal relationship to overlook the city from a higher perspective, or take us to the newly developed areas to experience the new trend of “wild luxury”.

New changes: live broadcast and online collection

In 2020, the online process of the travel industry will accelerate. Because of its real-time interactive experience, live broadcasting will win the favor of users and become another way to see the world besides short video. In 2020, the number of travel talent shows will increase several times, and the average fans will increase more than five times, achieving rapid development.

At the same time, the types of live broadcasting are constantly enriched. In the era of “everything can be broadcasted”, entering a live studio, users will enter a world. Entering the studio, people follow the anchor to travel through famous mountains and rivers, full of strange pines and rocks and misty sea of clouds; switching the studio, the lights of Chengdu are bright, and people feel the hustle and bustle of traffic; switching the studio, people follow the track of the space station to observe the vastness of the universe; switching the studio, people are taken to the children’s world to enjoy the gorgeous and shocking fireworks Switch the live broadcast room, return to reality, and the anchor introduces the travel services worth buying one by one, so as to help the offline recovery of the travel industry.

There are also new changes in short videos. On the basis of the short video, the combination of long video and high viscosity is the same as making the tiktok travel as fun as the chase. Tiktok, the travel user needs not worry about not having time to watch the live broadcast in real time following the author’s footsteps, nor have to worry about finding the location of the last time in the massive short video, entering the travel series story, and also can feel the “long” fun in the jitter.

New competition and new Arena

As an important part of leisure and entertainment category, travel industry has a decisive influence. However, in the past few years, the travel industry has not fully entered the short video competition, the information level of travel agencies, travel websites, scenic spots and other parts of the travel industry is not high, and the phenomenon of information asymmetry is serious. Users usually have a vague understanding of the choice of travel locations and services, and only understand the information provided and the comments of some netizens.

But when the travel industry is transformed, the original industry ecology is broken. In the more convenient, intuitive and highly communicable short video, the beauty of the travel process is recorded, at the same time, the defects are also exposed, and directly conveyed to the potential user groups. The data shows that in the nearly one year from November 2019 to November 2020, all aspects of the travel industry have been clocked out, with restaurants and scenic spots accounting for more than 30%. High quality services have attracted more attention from users and been compared more intuitively.

Travelstar people display poetry and distance for users from their own perspective, and travelblue V also need to build new online brands through short videos based on their own service scope. As of November 2020, hotel accommodation is the blue V category with the highest proportion. Holding the flow is only the first step to win in the online competition. How to show the thoughtful and characteristic service, how to adapt the graphic content to the short video platform, and how to enhance the interaction in the new communication mode to obtain a more cohesive user group are all the problems to be considered in the online competition.

Freshmen are not only the travel industry, but also the beautiful and real distance.

The online travel industry allows users to see more beautiful scenery without leaving home, and also directly shows the new travel fashion that has changed due to the objective environment and social psychology. In the process of online transformation, channels such as live broadcast and short video have been further opened, and new changes have taken place in the way of information dissemination. In addition, offline scenic spots, travel agencies and other real industries have not only gained more traffic and attention, but also brought them to a new arena to promote new transformation.

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