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2021 “she economy” insight report: the scale of female users reaches 547 million, and goddess consumption rises at the right time! From These Mobile

The following is the 2021 “she economy” insight report: the scale of female users reaches 547 million, and goddess consumption rises at the right time! From These Mobile recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: Internet user, Electronic Commerce, Short video, Mobile Internet.

How are you looking at the spring festival report? Some children’s shoes keep leaving messages in the background to read the data of XX (you know), and they also keep saying: “the whole people are reading, other data are not important…” (⊙o⊙)… children’s shoes, Mr.QM I am deeply impressed by your spirit of seeking knowledge and exploring. However, the industrial development path itself is complex and diverse, and the multi-dimensional understanding will be more comprehensive, don’t you think?

Back to business, yesterday was the annual “goddess’s Day”, today is Mr.QM Let’s share the situation of “her economy” of mobile Internet. Questmobile data shows that by 2021, the number of female mobile Internet users in China has reached 547 million. Among them, female users aged 24 and below have used more than 170 hours a month, with more than 32 apps per month. The rise of female consumption is just right!

Specifically, affected by the epidemic and boosted by live broadcasting and delivery, women’s interest in shopping is accelerating to online transformation. In January 2021, the penetration rate of female users in the field of integrated e-commerce has reached 84.3%, an increase of 6.1% compared with the same period last year; payment and online banking have increased by 4.5% and 7.1% respectively. At the same time, in view of the preferences of different age groups, characteristic e-commerce platforms and fashion brands have begun to compete with each other, and the effect has already appeared. For example, driven by young female consumers, Guochao beauty brands continue to rise, and perfect diary and huaxizi are among the top three beauty brands of female users aged 24 and below.

In addition, the rise of “short video + live broadcast” has attracted more time for female users. For example, women aged 25-35 use short video most prominently, and the average monthly use time has exceeded 50 hours!

How to move the goddess? Look at the report!

Women’s consumption ability is constantly improving, and “her economy” continues to release value space

1. With the deep popularization of mobile Internet, the number of female users has reached 547 million, with a year-on-year growth rate slightly higher than that of male users, and more women aged 36 and above begin to contact the Internet

2. Female users are increasingly dependent on the mobile Internet. Among them, young female users aged 24 and below have a prominent length of time. The monthly online time has exceeded 170 hours, and the number of apps used per capita has exceeded 30

3. The rise of women’s consumption is just at the right time. The ability of online medium and high consumption is constantly improving. Due to the substantial improvement of economic conditions, young women show stronger consumption willingness

4. Female users have multiple interests, and the focus of attention varies significantly in different stages of life. They are young and full of vitality, and love to pursue stars and beauty. Women of gestational age are more inclined to pay attention to mother and baby

Online shopping consumption reaches more diversified female groups

1. Under the background of accelerated development of digital economy, the penetration of female users in shopping, consumption, finance and other fields is further deepened

According to questmobile, in January 2021, the penetration rate of female users in the integrated e-commerce industry reached 84.3%, an increase of 6.1% compared with the same period last year, and the payment and settlement and online banking industries increased by 4.5% and 7.1% respectively.

2. More women aged 36 and above and women in the sinking market join the online shopping consumption army

3. The integrated e-commerce platform is still the mainstream shopping channel for women. Affected by the epidemic, the online shopping battlefield of women’s shopping has been accelerated, and shopping forms such as live broadcast and goods delivery have boosted the attraction of e-commerce platform to female users

4. Different characteristics of e-commerce apps gain the preference of female users of different ages, and e-commerce giants launch fierce competition to seize female consumers

Young female users pursue personalization and like to show their unique taste with trendy products.

Most of the female users aged 25 and above have already started a family, and their daily consumption is mostly purchased by the family, and they are more in pursuit of being more and more economical.

Beauty consumption ignites new domestic products,

A new generation of Baoma opens online “one stop feeding”

1. The rise of self-awareness brought about by women’s education and income level promotes the gradual release of consumer demand, focusing on the quality and taste of life, while also considering the cost performance

2. With the increase of age, women’s consumption preference changes from self satisfaction to family satisfaction

Among them, women aged 24 and below pay more attention to beauty and food, women aged 25-35 are the mainstream group of Baoma, and they have a significant preference for maternal and infant products; women aged 36 and above have stronger home care attributes, and they have a higher preference for jewelry, washing and care.

3. The new generation of young women are more willing to consume for beauty and pursue the trend. Under the background of the rise and development of domestic products, as the main audience of beauty, they boost the sustainable development of emerging domestic beauty brands

4. With more and more abundant products, new mothers not only provide comprehensive care for their children, but also care about themselves. More attention has been paid to the products and clothing of expectant mothers

“Short video + live” to attract customers

Female users spend more time

1. With the increasing richness of short video content and the deep coupling with live broadcast, the time spent by female users on it has increased significantly every month

2. Short video recommends differentiated content based on algorithm to capture female users of all ages

According to questmobile, 25-35-year-old women are the most prominent users of short videos, with a monthly average of more than 50 hours. Compared with other age groups, young women aged 24 and below spend more time on social networking and online video.

3. Young women aged 24 and below are more star chasers, preferring idol dramas, variety shows, bidimensional and pugc

4. Female users aged 25-35 need to consider work and family, and prefer to use fragmented time to short video

5. Speed version of the application is more equipped with red envelope, Gold Award operation measures to attract women aged 36 and above to use in depth

6. Female users love to socialize and share, especially young female users, and have a significant preference for social applications

Love to watch live broadcast, easy to be “planted”

How to reach them accurately?

1. With the diversification of female users’ ways of catalyst, commodity display channels are more and more extensive, and “planting grass” and “pulling grass” live broadcast with KOL are more and more popular among female users, and female shopping methods are more diversified

2. The attraction of live broadcast to female users is still deepening. Grasping different women’s preference for KOL is more conducive to accurately reach them

3. Beauty is a woman’s nature, beauty KOL gains more women’s attention

According to questmobile data, female users aged 24 and below and 25-35 all show a preference for beauty KOL, with TGI of 132. The difference is that young women prefer star chasing and fashion KOL, while women aged 25-35, 36 and above prefer parent-child and food KOL.

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