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Competition tightens, operation system becomes key From Kwai, tiktok, video number comparison

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From Kwai tiktok, jitter, video frequency platform, we analyze the product content, users, social relations, scenarios, traffic distribution, commercialization and operation. The main points are as follows: 1) short video track is an important pole of mobile Internet at present. The product content, users and social relationship / traffic mechanism of the three platforms have their own characteristics and basic disk. At the same time, the functions and positioning of the three platforms are infiltrating each other at the present stage; 2) they have great commercialization potential; 3) under the background of traffic dividend weakening, it is expected that the internal force will be more competitive in the next stage, and the platform back-end operation system will be improved More and more important. We are optimistic about the potential of the three platforms, maintaining Tencent’s holding buy rating and Kwai -W’s “overweight” rating.

Tiktok, Kwai, video frequency products have basic disk, function and location are interpenetrated. Early three are Kwai Tsing, tiktok, fans, social networking, loud and loud, high quality content, and video numbers. Tiktok Kwai Chung is constantly infiltrating each other, and its differences are gradually weakening. The jitter will enhance user contact and social interaction on the content advantage, and the quick hand will contribute to the content and recommendation based on the community advantage. ② Bloggers and content have their own characteristics. The Kwai Shen has a high proportion of the north and the family characteristics. Meanwhile, the platform is also actively introducing stars and other quality creators. The content is real, the coverage of vertical classes is gradually diversified, and the number of works recorded in life accounts for 30%.

Tiktok is a high proportion of young creators in the south, and the mainstream is entertainment and social news. The content advocates “good” and diversified expression. Relying on Tencent’s ecological reserve, the video number has a large number of creators, and wechat traffic dividend is expected to continue to attract foreign head creators, relying on the content with depth and breadth.

Tiktok, user relationship, user scenario, user level, fast moving up and down, and video frequency, with the wide coverage of Tencent, Kwai Chung is expected to continue to penetrate each other three users. Kwai Kwai DAU broke through 300 million in 2020, and 31% (CBNData) in March 2020, and the proportion of users in the second tier city increased to 40% (Ji Guang) in March 2020. Tiktok tiktok city tiktok and volcano version DAU were about 600 million in August 2020. Users concentrated in the southeastern coast and Southern China. The top ten of Top1000 KOL fans ranked only 2 northern provinces (Claudius), and the proportion of people shaking 24 years old and below was 28% (huge engine). The number of users in four / five cities and below 2020 was increased to 32% at the end of 2020. Video Number users are in the penetration stage. In June 2020, dau will exceed 200 million. It is expected that the number of users in the future will be as large as that in the circle of friends. Second, tiktok is characterized by fast user interaction and strong social interaction. The users of Kwai Tat are highly praised. The users of video numbers are more cautious in content interaction due to acquaintance chain constraints, and of course, the functions of privacy and non real name live watching are improved or enhanced. ③ At the scene level, the three have entertainment and live trading scenes. Due to the wechat ecology and the social interaction of acquaintances, the video number is more suitable for the development of work and life scenes as a basic communication and communication tool.

Entrance and traffic distribution: (1) the fast user uses the “de centralization” flow system, introduces the exposure ceiling and Gene coefficient to control the community ecology, restrict the head traffic, ensures the initial exposure level of the new release video, and gives Kwai tau more exposure opportunities. Recently, it has been distributed from decentralized “flow inclusive” to both decentralized and centralized. 2. Tiktok uses centralized traffic distribution mechanism, uses multi-level flow pool grading recommendation, pays attention to the rate of broadcasting and the rate of praise, pays more attention to the head, the boutique and the hot spots, and has the strong media quality and excellent user experience. ③ The video Number adopts the conventional distribution mechanism based on attention, recommendation and search and the characteristic social distribution mechanism based on friends’ watching behavior. The combination of the conventional public domain and the author’s social chain private domain has huge traffic and rich sources, taking into account the social attributes and content distribution efficiency.

Tiktok is the leading player in the competition. The Kwai Tung electric provider has comparative advantages, and the video number is at its infancy. 1. Vibrato: mature advertising, live tiktok, and electricity providers are growing rapidly. According to 36 krypton and Reuters, the annual revenue of byte beating tiktok was estimated at 140 billion yuan in 2019, and the target was 220 billion yuan in 2020. According to the entertainment capital theory, the annual advertising revenue of jitter in 2020 reached 1000-1050 billion yuan. In addition to advertising, 2020, the voice of the force is playing the role of commercialization tiktok, electricity providers and other businesses, and the income is gradually diversified. 2. Fast hand: now, mainly rely on live Kwai, advertising, electricity business growth potential. According to the quick hand prospectus, Kwai Kwai’s annual income reached 39 billion 100 million yuan in 2019, of which 31 billion 400 million yuan /74 billion /3 live broadcast, advertising and other income (including electricity providers).

Before 2019, commercialization of Kwai Fu mainly depended on live broadcast. Since 2020, advertising revenue has increased rapidly. It is expected that advertising and e-commerce revenue will have larger growth potential in the future. ③ Video Number: it is still in the early stage of commercialization and has great potential for comprehensive commercial value. The video Number improves Tencent’s marketing system, the user’s eyeball value and scene marketing value increase, and rich media interaction forms such as live broadcast strengthen interactivity. Wechat traffic operation is expected to achieve a closed loop from content drainage to wechat transformation and re purchase, and build a more perfect business link within wechat, which is expected to open a broader growth space.

Under the background of mutual penetration of product users and intensified competition, back-end operation system becomes more and more important. ① Content and operation are the foundation and key for short video platform to attract and retain users. Tiktok insists on the strategy of heavy operation, screening the best content, providing the best quality experience and achieving high content distribution and consumption efficiency. Early Kwai started light operation, and gradually strengthened operation in recent years. Public domain traffic increased continuously. At present, video number is still in the stage of rapid development, and it adopts the strategy of light operation. We expect that content operation will be an indispensable part of its development in the future. ② Behind the operational capability is the efficiency of organizational structure and technical system. Byte Kwai has powerful product and technology platform, supports product and operation agile iteration, and quickly establishes a new economic management committee, promotes communication and coordination between departments, and enhances organizational efficiency continuously. Tiktok tiktok and Kwai Kwai content operation and algorithm have different emphasis. The jitter is based on the product positioning with high quality content, the distribution mechanism is biased towards content, and the quick hand is distributed by means of combining autonomous selection with platform recommendation, and the operation and algorithm distribution are strengthened in the near future. 3. We think that the operation system is becoming more and more important under the background of product penetration. At the present stage, the whole system starts earlier and the capability system is relatively advanced. Of course, the operation capability is not a breakthrough. Tiktok will continue to pay attention to the progress of the subsequent operation system of the platforms.

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