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From the perspective of content production, distribution and consumption to see the similarities and differences and space of each platform From Research framework of short video industry

The following is the From the perspective of content production, distribution and consumption to see the similarities and differences and space of each platform From Research framework of short video industry recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Securities report, Short video.

Under the trend of video socialization, short video platform will become the infrastructure and super app of 5g era, not limited to entertainment content platform. The network structure determines the path and efficiency of content distribution. The video + algorithmic / social distribution mode has changed the tree network structure and the strong entry position of search engine in the era of text + search. Tiktok and fast Kwai are developing the entertainment vertical classes and industrial functional categories (crafts, health, agriculture, culture, education, etc.) while consolidating the original entertainment content. Paid selection, local life and other functions may further enrich and occupy the user’s life scene. Many needs and functions will be met on the short video platform, which will expand the video era into a general platform.

Kwai, tiktok and video numbers are three distinct products from the perspective of product and distribution logic, content ecology and user interaction. There are different development logic and core indicators: single row of voice, central algorithm, strong content, strong media and strong advertising. The core is VV tiktok, which preoccupies the value of user time. The whole system is in the “making head content” screening head. In the cycle of “capacity consumption head content”, the Kwai Dier, de centralization algorithm is distributed, strong communities, strong ties, strong electricity providers, the core is interaction, and preemptive time, besides, the value of user emotion. Video numbers are distributed in a single column and in a relationship chain, with strong users, strong social interaction and strong live broadcast. The core is social networks, forming unique vertical categories such as emotion and BGC. Video numbers are neither necessary nor possible to move closer to fast moving entertainment content attributes.

Tiktok Kwai Kwai’s core content production is to encourage the continuous output of the creator and the prosperity of content Ecology: (1) the 2020H1 fans and TOP1000 KOL tiktok fans account for 70.4% and 15.4% respectively, and the number of fans in the fast KOL is more balanced than that of the shaking fans. Decentralized distribution environment helps more creators to be exposed on the platform; (2) platform tonality differences under distribution mechanism lead to content ecological differences. Tiktok and Kwai tiktok are similar to the same kind of beauty, which are more attractive brother and entertainment content. The core of video numbers focuses on emotion, music and life. BGC (brand production content) also constitutes an important part of the video Number ecology. (3) TOP100 is the 14 most exclusive account in the creator, 12 of which is All of them are star accounts, which still reflect strong media attributes, while exclusive accounts are original short video accounts. The video Number Kwai and the shake hands, fast hand overlap degree (TOP100 coincide only about 40%), and focus on tiktok body smaller.

Content consumption: user growth space and pressure coexist, but there is still a way to break the situation. Kwai Kwai, Kwai tiktok, 1) for young people, “young”, “south” and “second line” are important sources of user increment. Compared with shaking, the fast drivers still have about 68 million growth in MAU city (Tier / new line / second line); the speed difference between MAU and 24 years old, 25-30 years old and 31-35 years old is 2754/2810/2273 respectively, that is, the increment of young users under 35 years old is about 8000. Ten thousand. 2) tiktok, user incremental pool or “silver generation”, and the trembling sound on the basis of 600 million DAU will continue to expand the user scale, which will be accompanied by the expansion of entertainment scenarios to life and work scenarios, that is, from the simple entertainment content platform to the infrastructure and tiktok.

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