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Insight into the marketing trend of food short video and live broadcast in 2021 From Flying melon data

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The delicacy sells delicacy, and the food court has spawned many consumer market segments with a market scale of over 100 million. According to tiktok statistics, the average monthly growth rate of food sales in the past half year has reached 5.16%.

Under the delicacy delicacy of e-commerce, the “tiktok field” of the gourmet industry has also opened up new ideas and strategies. Whether it is accelerating the construction of restaurant matrix by food brands, or by actively infiltrating the business through the jitter, there is room for exploration.

Delicacy and tiktok, what happens to the market and audience of the vibrant food products? What new development space is worth paying attention to?

The overall sales of the food industry showed a healthy growth

From “buy on demand” to growing grass by social content, “interest e-commerce” provides consumers with more choices for a better life.

The delicacy of the tiktok is one of the first categories of electricity providers. The huge flow and stable audience also keep the gourmet business in good growth, and accelerate the realization of the closed-loop from “grass planting” to “weeding”.

The demand of family dining table promotes the growth of online consumption of food materials

The market sales of various food categories continued to rise, among which snacks and fast food maintained a steady growth, while the sales of baking raw materials, North South dry goods, fresh and other raw materials for people’s livelihood increased dramatically.

With the gradual diversification of online categories, regional consumption differences are gradually narrowing, and users can buy local specialties from all over the country.

High praise rate of food brand stores increased significantly

With the continuous development and maturity of live broadcasting, food brands are also gradually making efforts. In the past six months, the average monthly growth rate of sales of self broadcast food numbers has reached 18%.

At the same time, the user experience of small food stores has also been significantly improved. Small stores with high scores are conducive to increasing users’ purchase confidence in small stores, so as to enhance the overall transformation of stores.

Convenience and health become the main demands of consumers

The fast-paced modern life has given birth to consumers’ demand for convenient diet. In this regard, convenient and fast tea bags have become a way for young tea lovers to pursue quality life and occupy a large market share.

On the other hand, daidinechongyin also holds high the banner of “giving consideration to satiety and weight management” and enters the public field of vision, which is welcomed by young people.

Food is more popular with everyday life.

In addition to the vertical food content, many food numbers will also combine funny, daily life, fitness and other content elements in the video to expand the accessible user group.

Meanwhile, tea and beverage merchants are also speeding up the admission of short videos to bring goods. The vertical market means more accurate target groups, so the online market is also expanding;

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